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Are You Offering Enough Membership Benefits to Your Association Members? Are You Offering Enough Membership Benefits to Your Association Members? Are You Offering Enough Membership Benefits to Your Association Members? Paradigm Marketing and Design
Members Word On Block Concept

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Are You Offering Enough Membership Benefits to Your Association Members?

Author: Lisa Cords Category: Marketing, Membership Marketing Date: February 28, 2023

Members Word On Block Concept

Your members are a key force that drives your organization—and a significant source of revenue. But are you doing enough to keep your members happy, engaged, and satisfied with what they’re getting for the dues? And what about new members—are your membership perks compelling enough to make them want to join?

Why membership benefits are important:

Ultimately, the question someone might ask before joining your association membership is, “Do the benefits of this membership outweigh the costs?” They want to know they’ll get something in return for what they put into it.

When members join your association, they do so not only because they believe in your mission, but also because your organization has something to offer them—member incentives, if you will. It’s the carrot that draws them in and keeps them there once they join. Offering a robust suite of membership perks can mean the difference between a thriving membership that brings in revenue and one that’s always a step behind, chasing that next source of income. Yes, your sponsors are also important, and offering sponsorship incentives play a key role in boosting sponsor interest. But without the members to form the backbone of your organization, incentives alone won’t do it.

What types of benefits are you offering members? Is there more you can do to enhance their experience? Are you struggling to come up with compelling membership incentives that will resonate with current and prospective members? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Eight membership benefits ideas to consider:

The sky is the limit when it comes to offering benefits that resonate with members; don’t be afraid to get creative! Here are some membership incentives you might want to consider:

  1. Create an online community: Bring members together virtually through an online community where they can come to connect, interact, share ideas, or just check in and say hi.
  2. Host networking events: Offer a mix of in-person and virtual networking events to keep members connected, engaged, and active.
  3. Facilitate mentorship opportunities: Pair the more seasoned professionals with newcomers or those just starting out. You can do this through a simple application process based on location, interests, years of experience, or other qualifying criteria.
  4. Offer professional development: Help members stay current with their skills—and learn new ones—by hosting informational training seminars and educational sessions, both in-person and online.
  5. Give discounts on industry-specific resources: Purchase subscriptions you feel offer the most value to your members, then offer them access at a discounted rate or for free.
  6. Create a members-only job board: Offer an industry-specific virtual job board whereby members can post and/or apply for available positions before they are made available to the general public.
  7. Share exclusive information: Give members that VIP feeling with exclusive content available only to them. This might include product or service previews, behind-the-scenes looks at your association, or even articles, how-to guides, and best practices resources created by your thought leaders intended solely for your members.
  8. Offer volunteering opportunities: People like to give back, but sometimes they don’t know where to start. Offer unique opportunities to volunteer with your organization or for a related cause. This will also give them more skin in the game with your association and its mission.

Your members are foundational to your association. By boosting your association’s membership benefits, you will be poised to attract new members, retain those you already have, and strengthen loyalty with your membership association.


The above membership incentives ideas are only a sampling of the benefits you can offer. There are many more where those came from. To brainstorm additional ideas for building your membership—or for additional marketing and messaging support for your association, our seasoned team of marketing pros can help.

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