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Brand Strategy & Design Services

Establishing your brand strategy: Show the world who you are…

Your branding strategy affects every part of your business, from embodying the core of your organization itself to serving as the backbone for a streamlined marketing and communications plan.

As marketers and designers, we know that the design experience shapes the consumer’s opinion of a brand positively or negatively. When translating your messaging strategy into visual concepts, we take into account a number of proven psychological principles.

  • Consumers relate the quality of a product or service with its packaging or creative design.
  • Certain colors invoke specific emotions: blue is considered innovative, professional and trusting while green is calming, yellow is happy, and red is exciting.
  • In a world of 140 characters and mobile viewing habits, people want their information quick and easy to consume.
  • Visitors gravitate more to pictures than graphics, although infographics are increasingly effective in communicating large amounts of information in a visually appealing manner.

We believe in the importance of providing you with brand strategy and design services that help you achieve a cohesive, united brand identity you can be proud of. We also understand that it requires consistent consumer engagement to capture your audience. With that in mind, our award-winning design team identifies the appropriate elements that define your core value propositions, and then we demonstrate those values visually by establishing a purposeful and consistent business brand strategy that takes into account color pallets, typefaces, and imagery.

Below are the business branding solutions we provide:

Award-Winning Designs

We are proud to have received awards and recognition from Graphic Design USA for our website designs three consecutive years in in row.

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Paradigm Marketing and Design Over the past 7 years, Paradigm Marketing and Design has evolved into a complete turnkey agency, but this award winning shop is still small enough to give clients the individual attention and hands-on, detail oriented services they need to be confident in their marketing effort and competitive in their industries.
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