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Professional Graphic Design Services

Designing for your business: A purposeful approach

Everything we do at Paradigm is purposeful, and that begins first and foremost with our approach to graphic design. As marketers and designers, we know that the creative design experience shapes the consumer’s opinion of a brand positively or negatively. When translating your messaging strategy into visual concepts, we take into account a number of proven psychological principles.

  • Consumers directly relate the quality of a product or service with its packaging or creative design.
  • Certain colors invoke specific emotions. Blue is considered innovative, professional and trusting, while green is calming, yellow is happy and red is exciting.
  • Cleanliness and clarity are key. Consumers want their information in a way that is quick and easy to decipher.
  • Visitors gravitate more toward pictures than graphics, although infographics are increasingly effective in communicating large amounts of information in a visually appealing manner.

Every website, print piece, and digital ad design  we develop is aligned with your business goals and consistently conveys your brand and value proposition to the consumer because we understand that a good first impression isn’t always enough. Studies continue to show that it typically takes multiple consumer engagements to fully capture your audience, whether it’s via your website, a brochure, digital ad design, or a meeting with a member of your sales team. As such, when providing professional graphic design services, we’re committed to working with you to develop a thoughtful and deliberate creative design strategy that will help you make a good impression at every opportunity, whether it’s the first time, the ninth time, or any time thereafter. Contact us today!

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Paradigm Marketing and Design Over the past 7 years, Paradigm Marketing and Design has evolved into a complete turnkey agency, but this award winning shop is still small enough to give clients the individual attention and hands-on, detail oriented services they need to be confident in their marketing effort and competitive in their industries.
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