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Assessment & Mapping Specialist Assessment & Mapping Specialist Assessment & Mapping Specialist Paradigm Marketing and Design
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Assessment & Mapping Specialist

Author: Kaitlyn Wilcoxson Category: Date: December 7, 2022

Little businessman portrait in office

The Assessment & Mapping specialist will be responsible for identifying, defining, and documenting our clients’ businesses processes to determine how they can be either automated or improved.  The Assessment & Mapping specialist will interview client participants to understand how their processes work and then document these processes using visual diagram software. Additionally, the specialist will analyze processes as they are, compare them to possible future and improved designs, and determine the necessary changes for arriving at the improved state.


  • Identify and analyze core business processes and workflows
  • Document process and workflows
  • Develop clear and detailed process maps and business requirements
  • Ensure t is executed appropriately in the Assessment and Mapping Phases
  • Create technical maps for client to use as a visual aid in deciding what fields and actions to implement in CRM
  • Provide system administrator with basic (nontechnical) suggestions for page layouts based on mapping
  • Collaborate with Workflow Strategist and System Administrator on system selection, design, automation, and integration
  • Lead client meetings for the assessment and mapping phases and assist with the implementation and execution
  • Update and track Assessment and Mapping projects through internal project management tools
  • Manage timelines and deadlines efficiently
  • Ensure quality control of phase deliverables


  • Strong skills in process mapping, workflows, and business process Reengineering
  • Strong analytical skills with a demonstrated ability to extensively analyze business processes and workflows
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to organize complex information
  • Experience with motivational interviewing a plus
  • Experience facilitating workshops and focus groups is a plus
  • Strong business/client engagement skills
  • Experience developing business requirements
  • Experience developing instructional and procedural documentation and presentations
  • High level of competence with MS Office and MS Visio and or, or other business process mapping tool
  • Understanding of the functionality of the CRM systems
  • Familiarity with CRM integrations from a top level strategy view
  • Understanding of the basic overview of marketing campaigns and how the crm/workflow team can help automate or connect those strategies


To apply for this position, please contact Carolyn Menz with a cover letter and resume at We only want detail-oriented individuals. Only emails with a subject line of “puppy” will be accepted.

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