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Director of Strategy Director of Strategy Director of Strategy Paradigm Marketing and Design
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Director of Strategy

Author: Michael Scorcia Category: Date: February 23, 2022

young girl wearing boxing gloves in front of drawing of muscular arms

The Director of Strategy is responsible for the oversight of development and implementation of strategic marketing plans and campaigns across all clients. While Marketing Directors and Account teams manage client day to day needs, the Director of Strategy will support account teams by conducting research and staying abreast of trends and happenings to identify new marketing opportunities, and innovative concepts, that will achieve client goals.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Conduct market research as needed to achieve goals
    • Strategize, develop and review both marketing plans and campaigns for clients to achieve their goals
    • Develop creative campaign strategies as needed to support client goals
      • Campaign outlets to include (but not limited to)
        • Social media
        • Email marketing
        • Traditional marketing
        • PPC
        • Social advertising
        • Trade shows and conferences
        • Media and publications
    • Identify client goals and establish key performance indicators that will be incorporated into campaigns
    • Set and manage metrics for success and adjust plans as needed
  • Messaging & Creative Management
    • Conduct research as needed to identify appropriate message
    • Develop client messaging strategies
    • Develop and / or review account team messaging strategies for campaign initiatives, such as
      • Flyers
      • Emails
      • Ads
      • Etc.
    • Review marketing materials from junior team members and vendors to ensure alignment with the marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Client Relationship Management
    • Work closely with the account team to support team and client goals
    • Position yourself as an authority to clients, earning their trust and gaining buy in for plans and strategies
    • Present plans, campaigns and strategies as needed
    • Become a trusted advisor to clients
    • Review client campaigns and plans on a regular basis to provide innovative ideas and confirm plan is executed properly
  • Team Development
    • Meet with each account team 1x per week to review campaigns, messaging, challenges, social posts, and to exchange ideas
    • Conduct training 1x per week with account teams on new trends and industry changes
  • Company Innovation & Process Improvement
    • Collaborate on company growth strategies
    • Identify and successfully implement continuous process improvements to drive down project costs and increase efficiencies


  • 8-10 years in strategy at a creative agency
  • Extensive experience in marketing across a variety of industries (with a focus on professional services and business to business industries)
  • Superb and persuasive communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong analytical / logical thinking
  • Able to simplify and clarify complex concepts
  • Structured problem-solving approach to address complex issues
  • Ability to develop strong relationships


To apply for this position, please contact Carolyn Menz with a cover letter and resume at We only want detail-oriented individuals. Only emails with a subject line of “puppy” will be accepted.
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