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Brand Taglines: Your Company and Marketing Slogans Brand Taglines: Your Company and Marketing Slogans Brand Taglines: Your Company and Marketing Slogans Paradigm Marketing and Design
post it note with doodles brainstorming company slogans

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Brand Taglines: Your Company and Marketing Slogans

Author: Kaitlyn Partington Category: Marketing, Professional Services Date: April 12, 2019

post it note with doodles brainstorming company slogans

There are three main aspects of a company’s branding: their name, logo and design elements, and company slogan. For most companies, especially those that are new or growing, the first two steps of building your brand are deciding on your company name and logo. Once you have made those decisions, you should start thinking about your tagline and brand slogans.

There are two types of brand taglines that you should consider for your business, your main company slogan and your marketing campaign slogans. Your company slogan encompasses the entirety of your brand and can be used across all of your marketing campaigns and materials, such as McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” or Nike’s “Just Do It.” You also want to consider campaign-specific marketing slogans that are tailored to a specific service, holiday sale, or company news that you are promoting.

What Makes a Company Slogan Successful

More than likely, your company slogan won’t come to you overnight. You will need to take time brainstorming slogan ideas and testing the best ones with a focus group. You may be wondering, “How do you write a catchy slogan?” but before you try to make it catchy, you need to identify the essential messaging that will make it impactful and ensure alignment with your company’s value propositions.

You want to consider:

  • Your differentiating concept
  • Your audience and the language and tone that they use
  • Your competitors’ slogans
  • The keywords or phrases that describe your business

Once you understand the essential messaging, you can start crafting your company slogan. Start by jotting down ideas based on what you have outlined. You also want to remember that good slogans are succinct and memorable. Consider using a play on words (Kay Jewelers’ “Every Kiss Begins with Kay”), making it comical based on peoples’ pain points (Kit Kat’s “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”), or making people feel good (L’Oreal’s “Because You’re Worth It”).

It is especially important to remember that if you are crafting digital marketing slogans that will be used on your website, social media posts, advertisements or email campaigns, you only have a few seconds to grab your viewers’ attention and interest them in your company and campaign.

Examples of Marketing Slogans

Your marketing slogans for specific campaigns, such as sales, new services, holidays or company news, require that you to take the essential elements of your overall company messaging strategy and tailor it to the specific campaign that you are running.

For example, one of our clients recently celebrated 150 years in business and during the month of February, they ran a Valentine’s Day campaign where they offered special deals like $150 off your $500 purchase and used the marketing slogan “150 Years of Love.” This advertising slogan incorporated their core value of a highly experienced team of jewelry experts as well as the company’s anniversary and the holiday.

With the next holiday quickly approaching, it is helpful to look at successful Easter slogan examples and campaigns to start generating ideas for writing your own holiday marketing slogan.

Crafting your business slogans can be a challenge as it takes time to find the right words to use and the best way to communicate your company with just three to six words. If you would like to discuss slogans for your next marketing campaign, contact us today.

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