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Deciding Between a Custom WordPress Theme or Custom Design When Creating Your Website Deciding Between a Custom WordPress Theme or Custom Design When Creating Your Website Deciding Between a Custom WordPress Theme or Custom Design When Creating Your Website Paradigm Marketing and Design
website template design on computer, tablet and smart phone

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Deciding Between a Custom WordPress Theme or Custom Design When Creating Your Website

Author: Kaitlyn Partington Category: Strategic Business Growth Date: September 5, 2019

website template design on computer, tablet and smart phone

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision that it is time to create a new website for your growing business, you have found website design examples that match your aesthetic. Now what? How do you get started?

There are so many options available when developing your website that it can be overwhelming. One of those options is working with a web company on a customized design or purchasing a custom WordPress theme. Before making that decision, it is important to understand the difference between WordPress template and a custom design. Knowing the differences between the different custom WordPress theme options and learning the meaning of some key terminology can help you make the best decision for your business when it comes to developing your website.

What are the differences between free and premium WordPress Themes?

Although the free themes may be alluring for their cost, or lack thereof, you should be careful in the type of theme that you choose. Free themes are limited in their functionality and ability to be customized by the average user. For example, you may be able to change out images but unable to change font types or brand colors throughout the site.

Premium WordPress themes, while coming at a cost, have more features available for customization. This option will enable you to create a custom WordPress theme.  as these themes have various features and plugins, are responsive, and are often supported by the theme’s developers / staff should you have questions. With all of the flexibility included in premium themes, you may be wondering how much does a custom WordPress theme costs? We’ve found that most premium themes fall within a range of prices, typically somewhere between $15 and $400 depending on the complexity.

What is a custom WordPress Theme?

Now that you know the differences between free and premium themes, let’s talk about custom WordPress themes. Technically speaking, any theme can be a custom WordPress theme, whether it is free or premium. You will just find yourself with more limited customization options when it comes to the free themes. Premium themes have a more of a variety of options when looking to create a custom WordPress theme. Leveraging premium themes will allow you to create a website centered around your brand standards more effectively than a free WordPress theme. You’ll often have more template options available as well.

By now, you may be thinking “Wait, I thought a theme was a template and a template was a theme?” So, what is the difference between a theme and template in WordPress?

A theme is the overall look, feel and style of your website. Each theme contains features and modules such as testimonial scroll bars, a photo gallery, set slider image dimensions, specific navigation layout, etc. Each theme will include various template options. A template controls how the different pages can be laid out within the style of the overall theme. For example, a single theme may have 2 different blog template options for you to select from for use with your site.

With the various template options available within the premium themes, you can create a custom WordPress theme based on your company’s brand standards. You’ll have full access to font styles, color schemes, photo integration, media integration, as well as a variety of plugins available to use within the different templates of your purchased theme. These features will help your custom WordPress theme mimic your brand to be the foundation of your marketing strategy.

How to Choose Between a Custom WordPress Site vs a Theme?

If you are looking to grow your business and create a stronger brand presence for your target marketa custom WordPress site may be your best option. What is the difference between a WordPress template and a custom design? As discussed earlier, a WordPress template is a pre-made layout of a page within a specific theme. You have limited layout and functionality within these coded templates. With a custom design, the sky’s the limit. You can design a layout that will not only match your brand standards and guidelines, build the web design idea you have, and also have an innovative and custom functionality for your users. This will ensure that all areas of the site are working cohesively together, be responsive on all devices as well as ensure that this content is easy to produce when you have new information to share to your audience. Custom designs are created with your brand and goals in mind. The designs are formatted to help you optimize your content so that your target market finds the information they are looking for easily. You are an important information resource for your potential clients and consumers, a custom design will help you share and highlight your expertise to help elevate your brand.

Having options is great but knowing which option to choose can become overwhelming. Contact us today, we will help you navigate your choices and find the best option to support your growing business.

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