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Design Tips for Your Shopify Store Design Tips for Your Shopify Store Design Tips for Your Shopify Store Paradigm Marketing and Design
Shopify logo on a mobile screen on top of an office table

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Design Tips for Your Shopify Store

Author: Michael Scorcia Category: E-commerce & Retail, Web Design Date: February 24, 2022

Shopify logo on a mobile screen on top of an office table

Shopify is one of the most popular cloud-based e-commerce platforms available today, used by over a million businesses in 175 countries. Many businesses love it because of its convenience and ease of use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. It also partners well with other popular website tools, making processes like Shopify and WordPress integration relatively simple. But just because it is simple to use, does not mean you won’t have to put the time and effort into making it the best it can be. Your website is the epicenter of your digital marketing and e-commerce sales strategy, and potential customers won’t invest in you if you neglect to invest in them. Read on for some Shopify design tips that can help you turn browsers into buyers.


Shopify Tips and Tricks

Choose the right theme. Your theme is the first thing your site visitors will experience when they find you. It will influence how your customers feel about your brand, perhaps before they read even one word on your site. So, one of the most important Shopify expert tips is to get it right, because all the subsequent design decisions you make, from the features you incorporate to how your products are displayed, will feed off your theme. Try not to get too tied up in color schemes and type styles, though. You can customize those later.

Remember less is more. Another Shopify design tip is to avoid clutter by making sure you don’t overload your design with too much content. Give your users plenty of open space to help the most important information stand out. Otherwise, your visitors may get distracted by less important details or get so overwhelmed that they just give up.

Optimize loading times. Slow load times can kill your site traffic and terminate a conversion mid-sale. An important Shopify website design tip is to improve site load times whenever possible. Compressing images, removing unnecessary widgets and plug-ins, and forgoing fancy carousels can all help.

Enhance viewing and navigation capabilities. Online shoppers love the convenience of e-commerce, but they sacrifice the ability to experience a product like in a physical store. Another Shopify store tip is to add large pictures, multiple views, filters, and search functions into your site. Incorporate collection features and tags to show items that are like each other to help grow a customer’s cart.

Showcase your individuality. Using a Shopify template can lead to your site looking similar to other sites on the web. A Shopify design tip to help overcome this would be to put in the extra effort to add your brand personality to the site. Use images, visual elements, and language that resonate with your audience and reflect who you are. Infuse your value propositions into your content.

Concentrate on conversions. Even if you think you have followed all the best Shopify store design tips and gotten your site just where you want it, you must constantly test those assumptions. Another valuable Shopify design tip is to evaluate how your design is performing for your users and if it’s helping them do what you want them to do.

Sometimes, the best Shopify design tip of all is to know your own limitations – whether you have the talent on your team or the time and resources to devote to customizing your Shopify site and achieving the full potential of the tool. There’s no shortage of e-commerce website development platforms to choose from, and the same holds true with website developers, so be sure to choose wisely. At Paradigm, we make sure our clients don’t settle for just any old online store, but a powerful open-source tool designed for e-commerce activity. We know how to utilize all the Shopify store design tips and best practices, and we can help you with your Shopify website design.

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