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Author: Guest Blogger Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: February 2, 2018



For 27 years, Detorres & DeGeorge Family Law (D&D) has helped families with legal affairs. With offices in Morristown and Flemington (New Jersey) the firm is focused exclusively on family law, including divorce, mediation, custody, child support, alimony and executive compensation distribution. D&D’s team of compassionate listeners are determined to advocate for clients’ rights and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Recognizing that family law can be emotional and difficult, each attorney pays close attention to clients’ unique stories, gaining a thorough understanding of unique facts, dynamics and timelines. They offer judicious counsel and guidance, moving clients toward the best course of action for each case.


D&D already has a successful track record helping families to move forward with their lives. After years established in Flemington, D&D recently opened an office in Morristown. The firm was interested in increasing brand awareness and building its brand in Morris County.

Paradigm was hired to develop a well-rounded marketing strategy that would coordinate efforts between all marketing vendors and the client’s internal resources.  The goal of the plan was to build brand awareness in Morris County, position D&D as a thought leader in their industry, increase website traffic and social/digital engagement, and develop a marketing system that would drive leads to the D&D website.


To begin, Paradigm paid close attention to client needs through weekly calls with internal team members, and marketing partner Peak Inbound Marketing who specializes in PPC and SEO services. We then developed, executed and monitored a cohesive marketing strategy that introduced automation to streamline campaign initiatives.  Each initiative focused on brand building, new prospect acquisition, thought leadership, and/or prospect re-engagement.

  • Ad campaigns
    • Focus: Brand building and new prospect acquisition
    • New prospect acquisition
  • Social media marketing
    • Brand building, thought leadership, new prospect acquisition and prospect re-engagement
  • Webinar series
    • Brand building, thought leadership, new prospect acquisition and prospect re-engagement
  • Email drip campaigns
    • Thought leadership and prospect re-engagement

Graphic design was also a strong proponent of the campaign, which Paradigm created for ad promotion, event marketing, web updates and branding changes.


D&D’s success was clearly seen in its vast increase of website traffic over the prior year:

  • 48% increase in unique users
  • 42% increase is site sessions

Most importantly, D&D experienced a remarkable increase in business gross revenue, up 26% from the prior year. This growth is contributed to a collaborative effort between D&D, Paradigm and Peak Inbound Marketing.

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