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Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels Paradigm Marketing and Design
Sales funnel concept on a post-it pinned on a cork board

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Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels

Author: Kaitlyn Wilcoxson Category: Marketing Date: December 5, 2019

Sales funnel concept on a post-it pinned on a cork board

We are often asked, “How do we bridge the gap between sales and marketing?” One way is by building marketing funnels that drive warm leads for your sales team and engage potential customers with your business.

What are funnels in marketing?

Digital marketing funnels consist of a series of touches to your audience such as emails, social media posts and advertisements, and Google advertising. Prospects will go through your digital marketing funnels first before entering your sales funnel. Through marketing, you are increasing your audience’s brand awareness with the ultimate goal of driving them to a conversion. A conversion in digital marketing funnels means that your target audience is providing more information about themselves (i.e. name, phone number, email address) because you are offering them something in return that they find valuable. Once you get an individual to convert in your digital marketing funnels, you continue to nurture that lead and move them into the sales process.

How do you build a marketing funnel?

The first step to building a marketing funnel is to determine your overall business goal. By setting goals from the start, it is easier to determine the tactics and marketing budget you should use. Once you determine your goals, you need to look at your target audience and choose one of their pain points that you can provide a solution for. From there, you want to develop an offer that would be valuable enough to them, that they would be willing to provide their information to access it.

Once you determine what you will offer, whether it be a webinar, guide, worksheet, giveaway, etc. you need to develop a way to collect their information when they register, sign up or download the offer.

Once you’ve done that, you should start thinking about your follow up strategy so you can continue to work towards converting the prospect into a client. It is also essential that you measure your KPIs and monitor progress towards your goals throughout the digital marketing funnels. That way, you can adjust the campaign based on metrics-driven decisions.

Digital marketing funnel example

Let’s say your goal is to increase business revenue by $100,000 and the average revenue per client is $5,000. To gain 20 new clients and reach your goal, you develop a conversion funnel and market it to your audience.

As a result of your campaign, you were able to get 50 registrants into a webinar marketing funnel. To continue to nurture those leads you now:

  • Connect with all attendees on LinkedIn.
  • Activate an email drip campaign to automatically send additional resources that may be of interest to them.
  • Follow up via phone with those that clicked on any of the emails.

Based on those 50 registrations, you scheduled five consultations. From those consults, you gained two new clients that have a combined value of $10,000. If you repeat this campaign 10 times, you will achieve your overarching business goal. Also, if you pay close attention to your results, you can adjust your digital marketing funnels to improve your results with each repetition.

If your sales team is looking for greater support using digital marketing funnels, schedule a consultation with our team today.

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