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Smart Marketing Series

About the Smart Marketing Series:

Are you trying to grow your business, but lack the marketing strategy to reach your goals? A strong marketing plan can propel an organization toward significant growth. Using proven concepts and industry research, a strategic plan can unite individual marketing initiatives into a purpose-driven strategy that yields greater success for your company.

During this series, award-winning marketing strategist, Rachel Durkan, and her team will guide you through the development of your organization’s marketing plan. You will learn industry best practices and the proven methodology that our metrics-driven team uses to develop successful marketing plans. At the end of the series, you will walk away with your own data-driven marketing plan and have gained the know-how to do so again as your company grows.

This series is part of the Small Business Evolution series in collaboration with C3 Workplace.


Throughout the series, we will guide you through each step of developing a customized marketing plan. You will be provided with a variety of tools for each step of the process. Homework will be assigned after each session to ensure that you are applying what you learn. In addition, you will have access to support and instructors throughout the series.

Here are the sessions you will take part in:

  • Session 1: Introduction, Foundation and Market Research
  • Session 2: Market Research Check-In
  • Session 3: Data Organization
  • Session 4: Message Strategy, Part 1
  • Session 5: Message Strategy, Part 2
  • Session 6: Message Strategy, Part 3
  • Session 7: Marketing Communications Plan, Part 1
  • Session 8: Marketing Communications Plan, Part 2
  • Session 9: Campaign Development
  • Session 10: Campaign Review
  • Session 11: Creating Campaign Calendars
  • Session 12: Campaign Calendar Review
  • Session 13: Total Plan Review

This series is to be completed on the student’s timeline. However, if this series is not completed within a year, you may incur additional costs.

View the full series syllabus. 



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