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WordPress Training Services

Understanding WordPress: Learn to be your own webmaster

At Paradigm, we believe in teaching our clients how to get the greatest return out of their most powerful tool: their WordPress website. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools necessary for editing and maintaining your website as a cost-saving strategy for you. Updates and changes add up quickly, and hiring a web developer to make those edits for you every time can get costly. So rather than having to compensate us for every update that needs to be made to your site, we’ll provide you with the means to manage your website like a pro through our WordPress training services.

The good news is there’s a reason WordPress has more than 15 million websites built upon its content management platform: It’s flexible, it’s highly customizable, and most importantly – it’s easy to use.

Web designers everywhere tend to agree that WordPress is the most robust and user-friendly platform for a number of reasons, most notably because once your site is complete, editing existing pages, adding new pages and switching out photos is a breeze. The platform’s carefully organized dashboard also goes a long way in ensuring user friendliness.

Whether virtually or in person, we offer full WordPress website training services to all of our clients so that you come away with a full, comprehensive understanding of how to update and manage your website from top to bottom. And if you ever have questions, our team is always ready with answers.

WordPress 5.0 Training

WordPress released a major update, WordPress 5.0, on December 8, 2018. This update includes a new editing tool called Gutenberg, which allows users to format pages and edit content using blocks. Understanding how to edit using the Gutenberg editor is essential in updating the information throughout your website.

To become more familiar with navigating this new tool, Paradigm Marketing and Design is now offering WordPress 5.0 training sessions for $395.*

This package consists of:

  • 1 hour of video training
  • Training materials
  • A recording of the training session for on-demand access and easy reference

Contact us today to schedule your training.

*For more complex, customized training, additional fees may apply.

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