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Marketing Through a Pandemic Marketing Through a Pandemic Marketing Through a Pandemic Paradigm Marketing and Design
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Marketing Through a Pandemic

Author: Guest Blogger Category: Date: April 6, 2020

Webinar: Marketing Through a Pandemic

Creating Opportunity During a Downturn

Many companies are closing their offices to visitors and canceling in-person sales/networking meetings out of fear of the COVID-19, making it difficult to prospect and build relationships that lead to new sales. For most, business as usual means a transition to digital marketing initiatives, virtual operations and online sales strategies.

History has shown us that crisis can also present opportunities. We must understand that the game has changed: we’ve gone from playing checkers to chess seemingly overnight. Success will require the ability to react strategically and, more importantly, be proactive, adaptive and willing to embrace innovation.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • How strategy planning and a little innovation can propel your business forward
  • Case studies outlining innovative operational and market-positioning shifts that have put companies in a position for future growth
  • Marketing best practices in this time of crisis

The goal is not just about keeping your business afloat for the next few months as we endure this health and economic crisis. Rather, it’s about paving the way for the following quarter and the one after that when the true impact of the downshift will be felt.

Paradigm Marketing and Design

Marketing Through a Pandemic

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