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Carolyn Menz Photo of Casey Masterson COO
Carolyn Menz, Chief Operating Officer  Link My love of math and penchant for solving equations makes me a unique asset in the marketing sphere, as I’m a critical thinker with [...]
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Carolyn Menz

Carolyn Menz Carolyn Menz Carolyn Menz Paradigm Marketing and Design
Paradigm team member Carolyn Menz

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Author: Michael Scorcia Category: Date: December 8, 2017

Paradigm team member Carolyn Menz

Carolyn Menz, Chief Operating Officer


My love of math and penchant for solving equations makes me a unique asset in the marketing sphere, as I’m a critical thinker with the ability to adapt on the fly. My analytical background has given me the ability to effectively analyze data, which has proven to be a huge asset when faced with logical decision-making opportunities.

My academic background, meanwhile – I majored in mathematics and minored in economics as an undergrad at Smith College and earned my master’s degree in e-commerce at Carnegie Mellon University – has given me the skills I need to effectively translate a client’s long-term business goals into a cohesive marketing strategy. Although the two may seem unrelated, marketing draws upon both creativity and an ability to analyze metrics, and I possess both sets of skills. I can develop a plan, oversee the execution of that plan, and then measure its results and adjust accordingly.

As COO, I oversee our day-to-day operations and ensure the quality of every deliverable that crosses our desks. It is my responsibility to make certain that all promises are being met and that all goals are being achieved; in other words, everything stops at me. At Paradigm, we believe that every project has a purpose, and I make it my mission to ensure that everything we do is designed to serve as a compelling marketing tool that aligns with the client’s overall marketing and business objectives.

What the Paradigm Values Mean to Me

‘Flexibility, empowerment, growth, commitment to excellence, and collaboration—they are all intertwined. One aspect that truly exemplifies this idea is Paradigm’s ability to cater to individual employee needs and offer customized support, guidance, and flexibility based on their unique circumstances, skills, and goals. Whether someone is full time or part time, just starting out or highly seasoned, Paradigm’s leadership team is committed to providing the necessary resources for success, empowering them to advance in their careers, and fostering a collaborative and inclusive team culture that ensures employees are heard, their needs are met, and they feel valued as a vital part of the team.’


Carnegie Mellon University, Master’s Degree in Electronic Commerce
Smith College, BA in Mathematics

Personal Fact:

Carolyn grew up in a very small town with no stop lights!

Favorite Quote:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

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