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Nick Payne Photo of Casey Masterson Account Assistant
Nick Payne, Account Assistant  Link I’m an avid gamer. One thing I love about video games is the strategy you have to develop to be successful. You must assess the [...]
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Nick Payne

Nick Payne Nick Payne Nick Payne Paradigm Marketing and Design

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Author: Michael Scorcia Category: Date: June 10, 2024

Paradigm Marketing and Design team member Nick Payne

Nick Payne, Account Assistant


I’m an avid gamer. One thing I love about video games is the strategy you have to develop to be successful. You must assess the strengths and skills of your characters and find the best way to capitalize on them to achieve a common goal. I also love the storytelling behind it all. The fantasy worlds created in games can be intricate and complex, but storytelling helps bring them to life for players and helps them make sense of an unfamiliar landscape.

Gaming is what sparked my interest in marketing. My desire to learn more about gaming led me to creators’ social media platforms, where I experienced the power of communication. The elements needed to advance in a game – the strategy to overcome a challenge or storytelling to help bridge knowledge gaps – are the same ones my clients need to help them reach their target audiences and drive success. Most importantly, I learned the power of connection – the intrinsic need to find common ground with others and how it can lay the foundation for a long-term partnership and brand loyalty.

When I’m into something, I am ALL in. I am very passionate and devoted to it. I also strive to be a reliable person who’s always willing to lend a helping hand or listen to someone’s concerns. I’ve been told I am approachable and down-to-earth, making it easy for others to connect with me. As a Marketing Assistant, I support the social media, marketing, and creative project teams for our marketing operations. I partner with strategists to develop content, manage social media programs, analyze metrics, and research opportunities to support my clients’ marketing efforts and strategic business goals.


What the Paradigm Values Mean to Me

‘Empowerment is a big motivator for me, not only because it helps me to thrive when my teammates support and empower me to excel in my position, but I also appreciate being able to lift up and empower my colleagues. It strengthens our relationships and helps us perform at the highest level. I also value the emphasis Paradigm puts on our mission, vision, and values, finding ways to infuse them in our company culture to help us remember and live them every day.’


Landmark College
Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies

Personal Fact:

I have a personal travel goal to visit Tokyo, Japan.

Favorite Quote:

“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none.” ― Lois Lowry

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