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Rennica Johnson Photo of Casey Masterson Project Manager
Rennica Johnson, Project Manager  Link Thinking outside the box is my specialty. Throw any sort of challenge at me, and I’ll analyze it from all perspectives before offering an [...]
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Rennica Johnson

Rennica Johnson Rennica Johnson Rennica Johnson Paradigm Marketing and Design
Rennica Johnson

Marketing Tips, Insights, and Trends

Author: Michael Scorcia Category: Date: April 2, 2018

Rennica Johnson

Rennica Johnson, Project Manager  Link

Thinking outside the box is my specialty. Throw any sort of challenge at me, and I’ll analyze it from all perspectives before offering an innovative solution. There’s nothing that leaves my desk unresolved. Thanks in part to my educational background in comparative literature, I’ve mastered the art of thinking beyond boundaries—a skill that has transferred nicely into my role as a marketer.

With 15+ years of experience in the performing arts and non-profit world, I have advanced expertise designing and producing digital and print promotional materials and content that resonate with intended audiences. As a Marketing Manager of Digital Media with The Joyce Theater, I led a series of rebranding projects across core initiatives that resulted in a significant brand image boost, stronger user engagement, and revenue growth. In this role, I also managed the development of season brochures—from content creation, layout, and graphic design to print production and distribution. I also designed marketing collateral that has been displayed at prestigious performing arts venues in and around New York City, including Lincoln Center’s Koch Theater.

I joined Paradigm in 2018 as a Project Assistant, a role that helped me hone my understanding of effective web design, architecture, and functionality. I progressed to a Marketing Coordinator position, where I worked closely with clients to conceive and implement effective marketing strategies. In my current role, I pull from knowledge gained through both experiences to think beyond coding and the aesthetics of a design to the overall impact it will have on clients’ marketing goals and objectives. My secret weapon is my unique ability to bring design, web development, and marketing strategy expertise to every project I touch. I’m lovingly referred to as the “triple threat” around the office!

As Project Manager, I partner with the firm’s designers and developers to translate our clients’ visions in attractive, impactful, and effective website, design, and branding projects that drive results. With an innate ability to anticipate bumps in the road, I know how to create proactive solutions that ensure projects stay on track to achieve intended results.


Binghamton University, BA Comparative Literature

Personal Fact:

Outside of her marketing/design career, Rennica is an avid martial artist and kickboxing instructor. She tries to find a way to work the phrase, “marketing that packs a punch” into any proposal she creates.

Favorite Quote:

“The world is before you, and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.”

James Baldwin

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