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Effective Content Creation for Your B2B Website Effective Content Creation for Your B2B Website Effective Content Creation for Your B2B Website Paradigm Marketing and Design
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Effective Content Creation for Your B2B Website

Author: Vicki Harte Category: B2B, B2C, E-commerce & Retail, Healthcare & Life Science, Industry, Marketing, Membership Marketing, Nonprofit, Technology & SAAS Date: December 6, 2023

A-chalkboard-with-‘Content-Strategy’-written-and-a-bullseye-with-a-hand-placing-a-dart-in-the center.

Your B2B website plays a pivotal role in powering business success by building credibility, increasing exposure, and supplementing sales efforts to support business growth. Unlike a B2C website that’s designed to sell goods to end consumers, a B2B website’s role is much more nuanced, building a relationship with a potential customer over a prolonged sales cycle.

Communication is key to any relationship, especially in a customer-centric B2B industry. But, when 67% of a buyer’s journey is digital and that buyer is 57% of the way to a buying decision before they engage a salesperson (1), how do you build that relationship and usher them through your sales funnel? Strategic content.

Strategic content builds brand awareness for your target audiences, explains how you can help them overcome the challenges they face, entices them to work with you, and fosters brand loyalty. Strategic content enhances the value of a good website by educating potential clients about your services, differentiating your brand, and establishing you as an authority in your sector. Ultimately, your content will bring leads to your sales team with higher intent to purchase and shorten your sales cycle. Strategic content for B2B and pipeline marketing includes materials like blogs, case studies, videos, webinars, whitepapers, and downloadable tools.

The content you share on your B2B website must grab the attention of users quickly, here are some tips to help your website nurture potential leads:

Emphasize ROI. The primary function of your content should be to help your customer or client understand how your products or services are going to help them produce measurable impact by saving money, increasing efficiency, and driving revenue.

Establish authority and credibility. A well-designed website features content that positions you and your team as thought leaders in your industry. Establishing yourself as an authority in your sector will build trust and credibility with your prospects.

Personalize. Every interaction a visitor has with your B2B website should feel like a conversation between your business and potential client, not like they are one of hundreds in an auditorium. Create user personas for your customers and develop your site in a way that each user has a clear and seemingly personalized path to take with content tailored to their needs.

Guide them through your sales funnel. The efficacy and importance of your website lie in its ability to support your customers and their varying needs. Every visitor coming to your site is at a different stage in their buying journey, and the content you provide them should reflect that. For example, if they are at the top of your sales funnel, a blog may be just right to pique their interest. If they are further in your pipeline, they may be willing to share their email address in exchange for a downloadable tool or template. If they are poised to buy, a whitepaper or case study may be what helps them make the final decision in your favor.

Use accessible language. You won’t win any customers by using overly complex language and technical jargon. If there is even a chance someone in your audience won’t understand the information you provide, open up the language. Use short, concise sentences and paragraphs, and separate copy into headlines they can easily scan. If they can’t understand you, they won’t be likely to convert into a customer. The impact of a bad website with convoluted language will result in visitors leaving your B2B website in a hurry.

Incorporate storytelling. People relate to and remember details better through storytelling. Harken back to the days of elementary school when developing your content – include characters, conflict, and resolution, and position your business as the hero that saves the day.

Capitalize on your data. It is critical that you monitor and utilize the engagement analytics of your B2B website to inform your content decisions. Analyze how your content is performing and consider if any obstacles are preventing it from doing so. If some content is performing particularly well, repurpose it into other formats. For example, your popular blog can become a whitepaper, webinar, and social media posts.

A B2B website that’s purpose-built to entice, educate, and offer guidance to users is crucial in helping a business establish an online presence, boost credibility, and ultimately support sales growth. Your content is key to helping prospective buyers find, learn about, and make judgments about your business and, ultimately, decide if they want to engage further.

Paradigm Marketing and Design has advanced expertise helping businesses with a complex sales cycle create a marketing-to-sales infrastructure that facilitates audience engagements, strategically guiding buyers through the decision-making process. We offer results-driven strategies, customized support, and innovative solutions that optimize your marketing efforts, elevate engagement, and power growth. Learn how you can enhance and refine your marketing efforts for your complex sales process through content creation with our ‘Whitepaper: Does your B2B website influence your bottom line?’.



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