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How to create a brand experience How to create a brand experience How to create a brand experience Paradigm Marketing and Design
Focus on brand experience

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How to create a brand experience

Author: Carolyn Menz Category: Branding Date: January 11, 2019

Focus on brand experience

Brand experience is all about evoking emotion. The best brand experiences are not only representative of what your brand and your company are all about; they also tug on the emotions of your consumers. People may buy products, but it’s the brands – and the experiences bestowed by those brands – that really make an impact on consumers. More than anything, individuals are loyal to the brands they know they can trust. A positive brand experience – the way you make your customers feel through the sum of your marketing efforts – is what is going to build that loyalty and trust.

Brand experience is also about logos. And messaging. And packaging, customer service, and sales. In fact, your brand experience strategy should encompass of all of these things, and each element should work in lockstep with the next to provide one cohesive experience for your audience. And, of course, consistency is key. As with any good marketing strategy, a consistent approach to your brand experience will give your customers a good sense of what to expect from you – a key factor in building their trust.

Logos and Brand Experience

Your logo serves as the visual foundation of your brand, and that is a hugely important point to consider when creating brand experiences. The most successful logos are strong, assertive and clear, and when integrated into your overall brand experience, they help to evoke trust and optimism and may even serve to illustrate your core values.

When it comes to the masterful use of logos, many of the big-name companies make great brand experience examples. Take Nike, for instance. The swoosh logo is clean and simple and conveys a sense of power and movement – exactly the characteristics the company wants consumers to associate with its brand. Over the years, Nike has turned that logo into one of the most recognizable in the world, and every single piece of the company’s marketing strategy sends the same message of achievement and dominance. Its tagline encourages us to “Just Do It.” Its print ads feature accomplished athletes conquering incredible athletic feats. Its commercials are backed by heart-pounding tunes. Nike has built an empire by developing an unparalleled brand experience that dials directly into the competitive nature of its target consumers.

Designing Brand Experiences – A Full-Circle Approach

From start to finish – from pre-sale to point-of-sale to post-sale and back again – every piece of your brand experience design should target your audience’s emotional impulses. Whereas marketing was once about selling and forgetting, today’s approach is based upon a much more full-scale concept that requires great attention to detail and a commitment to following through while keeping your audience engaged.

With the explosion of social media and advancements in website capabilities over the last decade or so, brands have more opportunities than ever before to build meaningful, ongoing relationships with their customers, and consumers have come to expect engagement at every turn. To optimize the brand experience for your audience, the key is to forge a connection and hold true to your brand promises across all platforms.

To learn more, or for help creating an effective brand experience for your company, contact Paradigm Marketing and Design today to schedule a consultation.

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