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How to Create & Manage a Lifestyle Brand How to Create & Manage a Lifestyle Brand How to Create & Manage a Lifestyle Brand Paradigm Marketing and Design
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How to Create & Manage a Lifestyle Brand

Author: Kaitlyn Wilcoxson Category: Branding Date: October 28, 2021

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In today’s marketing world, consumer expectations go beyond being sold a product; they want to buy an entire experience. Lifestyle brands are particularly effective at this approach, using their deep understanding of their audience to build a long-lasting relationship with them. But where do you begin with how to start a lifestyle brand? What makes their marketing powerful, and how do you manage a lifestyle brand? Whether you are establishing a new one or refreshing your existing brand, the key is to entice consumers into buying an aspiration, not just a good or service.


What is a Lifestyle Brand?

Lifestyle brands help consumers to imagine the ideal versions of themselves, then offer their brand as the means to achieve it. They allow them to get a glimpse into a community they admire and then picture themselves in the middle of it. Instead of selling you a shoe, great lifestyle brands are offering you the dream of being an athlete. They aren’t asking you to buy a car; they are coaxing you with adventure. Instead of advertising clothing, you are purchasing luxury and social status. Lifestyle brand management doesn’t sell an item; it sells a way of life.


How to Build a Lifestyle Brand Strategically

Launching a lifestyle brand requires long-term strategy that focuses on connecting with your customers and building engagement with your whole brand, not just individual products or services. It creates brand loyalty and keeps your target audiences coming back for more. What are the ingredients involved in how to create a lifestyle brand?

Mission and vision

What do you want your brand to give to your customers and the community as a whole? What are your core principles and values?

Thorough knowledge of your customer base

Creating a lifestyle brand means having a deep understanding of your customers, what motivates their buying behaviors, and what their overall goals and desires are.

Unique brand voice

What feeling do you want to invoke in your audience about who you are? Are you warm and friendly? Do you want to be seen as bold and cutting edge? How else do you want to viewed – hip, playful, adventurous, opulent, trend-setting, quirky, authoritative, or humorous?

Compelling content

Create content that shows your authority but connects with your audience’s emotions, hopes, and dreams.


Tips to Manage a Lifestyle Brand

Once you have figured out how to create your lifestyle brand, here are some tips to help continue to build momentum and sustain it.

  • Use storytelling. Humans are innately drawn to stories. Don’t just tell them something – paint a picture with your words and provide a narrative for how your brand can provide the lifestyle they seek.
  • Get personal. Lifestyle brands are personal and social. Keep yourself engaged with your target audiences where they are – be part of the conversation on things they care about and showcase your personality and values. This will help build the relationship and cultivate lifelong connections with your customers as you manage your lifestyle brand.
  • Stay consistent. Once you have determined your brand voice, make sure all your outreach and materials support it. You will want to leave space to evolve over time, but a lack of cohesion could cause confusion for your customers, or worse, lead them to distrust you.
  • Create meaningful relationships. Having quality partners is key to managing a lifestyle brand. Look for opportunities to collaborate with other brands that exude the values you hold and the lifestyle you promote. On the flip side, choose those partners wisely as choosing poorly can damage your brand by association.

Products may come and go, but your ambition should be to give your brand long-term sustaining power. Creating and managing a lifestyle brand is a captivating and powerful marketing approach that can help your brand achieve the longevity you aim for. As marketers and designers, the team at Paradigm knows that the design experience shapes the consumer’s opinion of a brand positively or negatively. If we can help guide you on how to create a lifestyle brand with a creative and effective brand strategy, please contact us today.

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