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How to Successfully Rebrand a Small Business or Organization How to Successfully Rebrand a Small Business or Organization How to Successfully Rebrand a Small Business or Organization Paradigm Marketing and Design
Man learning how to rebrand an organization by sitting near computer and scattered design papers on the floor with rebrand written across the sheets.

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How to Successfully Rebrand a Small Business or Organization

Author: Rennica Johnson Category: Branding Date: June 3, 2021

Man learning how to rebrand an organization by sitting near computer and scattered design papers on the floor with rebrand written across the sheets.

There are lots of reasons why you may want to rebrand your small business or organization. Maybe you’ve been in business a while, and it’s time for a refresh. Maybe you’re hoping to differentiate your company a bit more from your competitors. Or maybe you’ve pivoted on the products or services you offer, and you want your brand identity to reflect that. Whatever your “why” may be, the how to successfully rebrand a small business or organization remains pretty standard across the board.

In short, the secret to a successful rebranding lies in your ability to clearly identify who you’ve become as a business, and what type of experience you want to offer to your consumers going forward. Yes, there’s the fun, visual aspect – designing a new logo with meaningful colors and complementary fonts – but it also goes a bit deeper than that; your brand is a direct reflection of your entire company culture, and you want to make sure you understand how to reposition your brand, and what those changes will mean for your business, before you get started.

4 Strategies for Successful Rebranding

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for tips on how to rebrand a small business or how to rebrand an organization, or whether it’s a b2c or b2b rebranding – these same five tips will help you get the job done.

  1. Decide on your new identity. Before you do anything else, you should ask yourself all of the hard questions – like, What are our business goals, and how have they changed? What do we want to achieve from rebranding? – and have a firm handle on the type of messaging you want to convey with your new brand.
  2. Audit your existing identity. Once you’ve identified where you want to end up, it’s time to map out how to get there. Review each of your existing brand elements and ask yourself, What will need to be updated (logos, signs, websites, rebranding social media, invoices, etc.)? How will we make those updates? When will all of these changes take place? How much will they cost?
  3. Review your target audience. With all of these changes happening, you’ll want to consider whether it’s time to refine your audience as well. Does your new messaging continue to speak to the needs of your existing audience? Are there any segments of your audience that should be added or removed? Do you need an entire overhaul? Adjusting your target demographic can help you make sure you’re reaching the appropriate audience for your new brand goals.
  4. Communicate your new identity. This final step is two-fold. First, your new brand elements should be clearly communicated to your employees so that all members of your team are prepared to represent your company and carry out your messaging going forward. Then, once your new brand has been embraced internally, you can roll it out to the public. Set an official launch date, and announce the changes on your website, across your social media channels, in an email blast to your subscribers, and in a press release to relevant media outlets.

While these four tips should be a good starting point for the brand redesign of your small business or organization, we understand that it can be a lot to take in. If you have questions or would like to dive even deeper into how to successfully rebrand a small business or organization, you can sign up for our on-demand strategy workshop, or simply reach out to us at Paradigm, and one of our team members will be in touch.

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