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How to Use a QR Code to Promote Your Business How to Use a QR Code to Promote Your Business How to Use a QR Code to Promote Your Business Paradigm Marketing and Design
Cellphone scanning QR code

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How to Use a QR Code to Promote Your Business

Author: Kaitlyn Wilcoxson Category: Marketing Date: October 7, 2021

Cellphone scanning QR code

Have you ever wondered what those funny little boxes are with the pixelated arrangement of dots, squares, and blobs? Believe it or not, they can be scanned to open a wealth of information at your fingertips. What is the scan code called? They are called Quick Response (QR) codes, and they are a creative way to connect with your target audiences and drive traffic to your platforms. QR codes for business are a powerful marketing tool.

How do QR codes work?

They are read and understood by mobile devices. A user simply has to open the camera on their smart device, and they can be automatically directed to where the code tells them to go. In most cases, after a mobile device camera reads it, a pop-up notification appears and directs the user. It is an easy, fast way to access information – something consumers have come to expect with current technology, especially younger consumers who have grown up in the digital age.

Who uses QR codes?

The short answer is anyone who wants to make it easy for their target audiences to engage with their brand and content. You can easily make one online at no cost. QR codes for business were all the rage about a decade ago, but their popularity waned after the novelty wore off. But with system updates, the use of QR codes in digital marketing is back, and companies are using them to reach consumers, improve outreach tracking, and offer audiences a customized user experience.

What does a QR code do?

On average, it takes nine to 13 “touches,” or audience engagements, to implement your marketing message strategy and make a lasting impression on your consumer. Using QR codes for your business can not only create an additional touch, but also boost your other touches and build a bridge to your digital strategies. QR codes allow companies to engage their current and potential customers.

Benefits of QR Code for Business to Digital Strategy

 Directing consumers to a landing page or website

Using a QR code for your business can simplify the journey to your website or, even better, a specific landing page where your target audiences can shop, sign up for something, or learn more information.

Contacting your company

QR codes can be designed to tap into a mobile device to make a voice call or send a text message or email just by reading the image.

Downloading apps

QR codes can lead users directly to a download page for an app.

Finding your physical location

QR codes for business can pull up directions to where your office or storefront is located, saving consumers from having to search for the address using online maps.

Connecting with your social media

QR code marketing can lead users directly to your social media pages so they can follow you there.

Promoting your ecommerce

Product marketing with QR codes is probably one of the most popular uses. You can use QR codes to offer discounts and promotions.

QR codes for business are also versatile. You can easily incorporate them onto business cards, mailers, billboards, advertisements, or even T-shirts.

Even though they have been around for a while, QR codes are still unfamiliar to some consumers, so you may need to include some simple instructions in your marketing, so your audience knows how to use them. And since users will access them on a mobile device, make sure wherever the QR code sends them is mobile-friendly and responsive.

Using QR codes for your business offers consumer convenience and speed and supports your digital marketing strategy. If we can help you incorporate them into a cohesive and impactful campaign, please contact us today.

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