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Marketing Case Studies

Case Study: Life Sciences Industry

Author: Kristen Carter Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: June 15, 2018

office workers meeting around a conference table


In 2016, following 10 years of success as a staffing agency serving the pharmaceutical market, our client (Co. ABC) introduced a new business division, providing specialized commercial and medical consulting services to the life sciences industry. The following year, we collaborated with Co. ABC in the successful rebranding of their organization, launching a new website and reintroducing Co. ABC into the marketplace.


Now that Co. ABC successfully launched its new brand, we needed to increase brand awareness and introduce new services offerings to their niche audience.  As a growing organization there needed to be a careful balance of resources focused on direct sales (to sustain the company’s rapid growth goals) and brand building to expand market share. We were challenged with:

  1. Introducing Co. ABC’s new solutions to its current clients
  2. Expanding its reach to new prospects within their niche audience
  3. Creating warm leads for the sales team to close
  4. Building Co. ABC’s credibility as an authority in the commercial and medical space


Paradigm established a focused outreach campaign to introduce one of Co. ABC’s solutions: launch excellence. The goal of the campaign was twofold.

  1. Increase Co. ABC’s brand awareness within its niche audience and ultimately establish its authority around launch excellence
  2. Cultivate precisely targeted warm leads for the sales team to follow up on 

We developed a campaign that engaged Co. ABC’s niche target audience of brand directors in the life sciences industry. To start, we created a comprehensive thought leadership piece and published it in the industry publication, Fierce Pharma. From there, we distributed the article in three ways:

  1. We created a hyper-targeted LinkedIn ad campaign aimed at promoting the published piece to prospects
  2. We distributed the thought leadership piece to Co. ABC’s general email contacts and prospects, as well as via social media, in an effort to promote industry thought leadership
  3. We coordinated with the sales team in establishing the messaging, positioning and timing of a multi-touch sales strategy to 120 brand directors of drugs that were scheduled to launch in the next 12 to 24 months. The campaign included a 5 step approach:
    1. Connecting with prospects via LinkedIn with a link to the publication
    2. LinkedIn InMail using sales navigator with a follow up message
    3. Direct mail campaign
    4. Personal email outreach
    5. Phone outreach


Over the course of one month the campaign:

  • Increased brand awareness to niche audience:
    • Generated 3,700 LinkedIn impressions
    • 20,000 Facebook impressions
    • More than 1,700 total views to the thought leadership article
  • 12 qualified sales meetings
    • Began with a targeted prospect list of 120 brand managers
    • Converted 10% of the original prospects into qualified leads
    • Netted 12 viable and qualified prospects with whom the sales team has since met

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