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Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting Services

At Paradigm, we provide traditional and digital marketing strategy and consulting services. We specialize in marketing strategy development, creating and executing cohesive plans and campaigns that drive customer awareness. To do so, we utilize various marketing disciplines and leverage each to achieve business growth and profitability for our clients through our strategic marketing consulting services.

Through our retainer-based digital marketing strategy and consulting services, we will:

  • Serve as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and oversee plan implementation by your internal team
  • Function as your company’s marketing team, responsible for marketing plan services, including creation and execution of campaigns and tactics
  • Provide marketing strategy services and tactical support on demand as needed
  • Scale and adapt our level of strategic marketing consulting services to your company needs at any given time

For less than the average annual cost of hiring an experienced, full-time marketing team member, our clients have access to a team of digital marketing consulting services professionals with a wide range of skill sets, including strategic marketing, social media, branding strategies, content writing, website development, graphic design, print design, and other online marketing consulting services.

As your business and marketing strategy shifts, you will not need to adapt your marketing headcount with our digital marketing consulting services. We can adapt with you by analyzing your current plans and advising you on how to remain successful in the changing environment.

Growing Together with Strategic Marketing Consulting Services

Your business isn’t static and your marketing strategy shouldn’t be either. As part of our digital marketing strategy and consulting services offering, we conduct weekly or bi-weekly strategy calls with clients to:

  • Ensure the strategy is being executed as planned
  • Recap accomplishments and their return on investment (ROI) from our digital marketing strategy and consulting services
  • Pinpoint the products/services providing the most net profit, and discuss how to continue marketing and up-selling them
  • Identify where the strategy could or should be modified
  • Discuss opportune times to introduce new initiatives and campaigns around new product/service launches, holidays, and other suitable occasions

What Our Clients
Are Saying

Donna Miller –
C3 Workplace

Our digital media strategy consulting services are carefully designed to help our strategic marketing consulting clients succeed by supporting their marketing strategy development and ensuring every tactic meets the common goals of raising brand awareness, reinforcing the message strategy, and achieving a direct ROI from our marketing consulting services.

Our digital marketing strategy and consulting services are built upon regularly scheduled meetings, open communication, and an on-going task list to provide a structure that enables us to seamlessly and consistently execute your marketing strategy effectively. These online marketing consulting meetings or phone calls enable us to stay up-to-date on what is happening within your organization and to develop new campaign opportunities that support business goals. All of our digital marketing strategy services follow a strict client approval process that is jointly established during the strategic planning stage. This ensures you are fully aware of, and satisfied with, the day-to-day tasks we are performing. If our expert digital marketing strategy and consulting services can help you take your business to the next level, please contact us today.

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