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Marketing Plan Development Services

A strategic marketing plan involves a series of touches, interactions and enticements designed to get targeted audiences to act. We know it takes an average 7 to 11 touches to produce a desired customer conversion. Effective marketing unites these individual touches into a unified, purpose-driven communications strategy, so that each communications outlet — a website, brochure, direct response email, tweet, blog or post — logically builds upon each other as part of master plan.

A multi-touch strategic marketing plan

In the research phase of the marketing plan development, we uncover your customers’ and target audiences’ buying behaviors and purchasing influences. We identify the client DNA to create a strategic messaging strategy and communications plan that will reach your target audience, or multiple audiences, using the language and medium that resonates with them most.

We develop a 3-part Touch Process that outlines:

  • The Communications Outlet: Word of mouth, websites, blogs, social media, direct response, etc.
  • Purpose/Content: The intended outcome for each communications vehicle
  • Frequency: Daily, weekly, monthly

This master plan is also presented in a detailed spreadsheet with a comprehensive list of tactics for each marketing tool, a 12-month campaign calendar, and a 1-month content calendar detailing daily engagements.

Regularly scheduled meetings, open communication, and an on-going task list provide a structure that enables us to seamlessly and consistently execute your marketing strategy effectively. These meetings or phone calls enable us to stay up-to-date on what is happening within your organization and develop new campaign opportunities that support your business goals. We follow a strict client approval process that is jointly established during the strategic planning stage. This ensures you are fully aware of, and satisfied with, the day-to-day tasks we are performing.

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