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Marketing Message Strategy

On average, it takes 9 to 13 “touches”, or audience engagements to make a lasting impact on your consumer. Every engagement must reinforce a consistent message about your company, product or service to leave the right impression.

Strategic Messaging

There is often a disconnect between the features and benefits a company touts in their products or services and those their audiences actually want. Additionally, our perception of client “pain points” is different than that of the client’s themselves.

So, the success of any strategic messaging strategy lies within the research.  We conduct anonymous customer interviews to identify your customer’s true perceptions, wants, and needs thus giving us the information we need to best position you in the marketplace through the appropriate brand message.  During this process we uncover:

Paradigm Marketing and Design
  • What your target audience finds most valuable in your product or service?
  • What were their entry pain points?
    • These are the initial reasons or circumstances that encouraged your customer to initially seek your product or service in the marketplace.
  • What are their buying triggers?
  • What are their impressions of your company, products, and services? What are their impressions of your competitors’ products and services? And, how do they perceive you against the competition?

We learn this by asking them, through a comprehensive series of customer interviews where we uncover their buying behaviors, values, triggers, and influences.

Establishing a Differentiating Concept

Your marketing message strategy must separate you from your competition. In doing so, we research the competitive environment to understand how your competitors are positioning their products/services and value propositions and determine the outlets they are utilizing to reach the target audience. We look at their websites, advertising, marketing, and social media efforts to identify what they do well. We then compare that to what your customers said your company does well and see what overlaps.

What does not overlap are your competitive differentiators.

Building the message strategy

We compile and analyze all of the valuable customer and competitor information collected, and the resulting analysis reveals:

  • The sweet spot of customer need(s) you satisfy over your competition
  • The features or benefits your audiences are looking for most that you can deliver
  • The emotional connection you can make, and through what media, that will impact your target audiences’ decision making

These insights are melded to create your marketing messages – with the specific language your customers are using for maximum impact.

We separate perception from reality

Knowing what your customers want versus what you think they want can be the reason your customers choose you over your competition; it can also be the difference between success and failure.

Contact us today and together, we’ll develop your strategic message strategy that identifies who you are, your differentiators and your value propositions and communicate it in such a way that will resonate with your audience, and clearly set you apart from your competition.

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