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Marketing Program Produces Triple Digit Results: NJ Medical Device Company Marketing Program Produces Triple Digit Results: NJ Medical Device Company Marketing Program Produces Triple Digit Results: NJ Medical Device Company Paradigm Marketing and Design

Marketing Case Studies

Case Study: Marketing Program Produces Triple Digit Results: NJ Medical Device Company

Author: Kacey Waleski Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: June 30, 2021

Paradigm Marketing and DesignOVERVIEW

Paradigm Marketing and Design stepped in to address an urgent marketing need for a medical device and design company that’d been operating without a marketing department. After a successful initial engagement, Paradigm went on to serve as the company’s marketing department – creating and executing marketing strategies, campaigns, PR programs, brand building initiatives and more. As a result, the client’s sales have skyrocketed, their social media following is rapidly expanding, site traffic is way up and their team continues to grow exponentially.


A leading NJ medical device design and development company wanted to expand its 10-15% year-over-year growth. However, they had neither the marketing resources nor a clear marketing strategy to meaningfully affect their growth trajectory. They were not actively marketing their solutions, communicating their expertise or delivering warm leads to their sales team. Though, ultimately, they wanted a trusted marketing partner who could take the lead on their long-term marketing program, they had an even more urgent need that required immediate attention: marketing support for a high-profile project that was garnering significant media attention. They asked Paradigm to jump in to help quickly solve their short-term marketing challenge.

Taking Action

Focusing on the project at hand, Paradigm swiftly created a suite of marketing programs and tools that included a comprehensive PR strategy, social media and email marketing communications and updated website messaging to support the ongoing high-profile project. With trust firmly established following a successful initial engagement, Paradigm was asked to take on a larger role and serve as the company’s full marketing department.

Paradigm built a robust, long-term marketing program that included lead generation campaigns, SEO strategies, PR initiatives, CRM integration and support, Google Ad creation and an updated website. They created webinars and white papers and identified conference sponsorship opportunities to position the client as a thought leader and serve as lead magnets for the sales team. To raise brand awareness, the team’s marketing experts created and implemented a social media strategy, launched an email newsletter program and developed blogs and case studies that showcased their deep industry expertise—backed by messaging that succinctly conveyed their solutions’ value to customers.


Since bringing Paradigm on board in April 2020, the client has reported significant results with skyrocketing growth. They booked more sales in the first six months of 2021 than they did in the full years of 2019 and 2020.  By the end of last year, they saw a 147% boost in site traffic, a 151% increase in form submissions and an uptick in referrals of 182% over 2019. Paid site traffic increased by 125%, while direct traffic saw a 93% spike, with an 86% bump in organic search.

Over the course of a year, traffic from social sites grew 11-fold, with a 188x increase in LinkedIn impressions, 230x higher engagement and 337x more post clicks. Facebook impressions were 12x higher while engagement rose more than 1,017x and post clicks, 93x. Twitter saw 500 new followers.

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