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Unified Marketing Strategy Leads to 25% Increase in Revenue Growth and 7X Profit: C3 Workplace Unified Marketing Strategy Leads to 25% Increase in Revenue Growth and 7X Profit: C3 Workplace Unified Marketing Strategy Leads to 25% Increase in Revenue Growth and 7X Profit: C3 Workplace Paradigm Marketing and Design
C3 Workplace

Marketing Case Studies

Case Study: Unified Marketing Strategy Leads to 25% Increase in Revenue Growth and 7X Profit: C3 Workplace

Author: Michael Scorcia Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: January 23, 2018

C3 Workplace

Company Overview

C3 Workplace helps professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on driving revenue by providing flexible, affordable office space and back office support. C3 Workplace has built its brand based on one mission, which remains at the core of its values: helping the community to connect and collaborate.

The Challenge

In 2014, after nearly 20 years in the business, C3 Workplace made the potentially risky decision to rebrand, despite its already stellar reputation in the small business community. They wanted to build a brand that best represented its core values. After a successful rebranding, the company found itself in need of an agency that could support a go to market strategy that increased brand awareness and created inbound leads.

Taking Action: Collaborating, Developing Strategy and Creating Effective Outcomes

Paradigm Marketing and Design took on the role of an outsourced CMO, joining forces and collaborating with C3 Workplace’s talented and innovative internal team. Because C3W was already successful when it hired Paradigm, it already had a solid foundation in place. We analyzed that foundation and identified the areas that could be strengthened as we developed a new, more unified marketing strategy to improve brand awareness and drive sales.

Since 2014, Paradigm has supported the development and implementation of several marketing campaigns, including a website upgrade that not only showcases the enhanced C3W brand but also allows the client to clearly spotlight all of its service offerings in an easy-to-navigate format. The website even includes a “Book a Room” feature, which allows C3W’s clients to schedule an office space in real-time.

As C3 Workplace’s partner in marketing, Paradigm also facilitates quarterly strategic planning sessions and weekly calls with internal team members; provides graphic design, web development and branding support; coordinates plan development and internal team training; provides strategy development and support in social media, email and event marketing initiatives; and creates digital and traditional campaigns, including contests to increase community (client, prospect and partner) engagement and generate inbound website leads.

Results through Innovation

Since working with Paradigm, C3 Workplace has increased its brand awareness and achieved 25% revenue growth over a three-year period. With our help, C3W has launched new programs, developed new strategic partnerships and even expanded to new locations.


We started working with Paradigm in 2014 … we had just come through the internal strategy sessions and decision to rebrand, renovate and expand our business of nearly 20 years. This was no small undertaking and was potentially quite risky given our stellar reputation in the small business community. Initially, Paradigm assisted in revamping our website and a few other project driven initiatives. We quickly realized the value of working with Paradigm and they have been on retainer since 2014. During that time they have been an integral part of an extremely successful rebrand and growth strategy. They have provided strategic guidance, social media strategy and a top-notch branded look online and offline. They have assisted in launching new programs, new strategic partnerships, and new locations.


Since the year before we started working with Paradigm (2013), we have achieved 25% revenue growth and we have seen a 7X increase in our profit. Paradigm is absolutely one of our success factors.
Donna Miller, President, C3Workplace


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