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Webinar in Response to Pandemic Generates $350,000 in Profits: Paradigm Marketing and Design Webinar in Response to Pandemic Generates $350,000 in Profits: Paradigm Marketing and Design Webinar in Response to Pandemic Generates $350,000 in Profits: Paradigm Marketing and Design Paradigm Marketing and Design
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Marketing Case Studies

Case Study: Webinar in Response to Pandemic Generates $350,000 in Profits: Paradigm Marketing and Design

Author: Kaitlyn Wilcoxson Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: November 10, 2020

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Employee Marketing through a global PandemicOVERVIEW

Paradigm Marketing and Design is a web, branding and marketing agency that specializes in “wraparound” services, whereby each marketing initiative supports the overall strategic plan to produce a long-term return on investment. From strategy development to execution, from single component delivery to comprehensive campaigns; our services are designed to offer clients the level of support they need. We are all focused on the same objective; creating impactful initiatives that help our clients achieve long-term growth. This is a case study that Paradigm Marketing and Design executed on its own behalf.


During the trying times of the global pandemic, Paradigm’s revenue was down 40% and old marketing tactics became unreliable due to the rapidly changing economic environment. Our typical positioning strategy would not resonate with our target market during these uncertain times.

We needed to find new means to increase brand exposure, cultivate new opportunities for the sales team, and continue to grow brand awareness so our audience knew our solutions were still relevant in the rapidly changing world. We threw out everything planned for the year. We re-evaluated our audience, restructured our message and developed new strategies at a rapid pace to accommodate the changing needs of our target audience and cliental.

Taking Action

Our goal was to acquire strategy sessions and meetings with business leaders to both improve their marketing strategy and identify new prospective clients. As soon as the pandemic struck, we started listening to the needs of our audience.  Our strategists attended mastermind sessions, facilitated discussions, and spoke with business and government leaders to understand their concerns and upcoming policy changes.  Additionally, advertising spend was at an all-time low. Companies were pulling back on marketing initiatives for fear of the unknown.  We felt this was a mistake and encouraged our clients (and our own team) to invest in marketing when no one else was.  In seeing this, we created a webinar called “Marketing Through a Pandemic”. This webinar would help businesses adjust their strategy, behaviors, and actions to identify opportunities to grow during the pandemic despite the economic downturn. We purchased advertising space with a local business publication at a steeply discounted rate (as sales were down) and advertised this webinar aggressively.

Following the event, we spearheaded a campaign, supplying various resources and offering strategy sessions for registrants looking to boost their brand assets and new strategies that would support growth during the pandemic. By following the progression of market to webinar, webinar to strategy sessions, and strategy sessions to sales, we were able to reach potential clients and support their newfound needs.


Marketing Through a Pandemic was a stand-out success due to the perseverance of our message and the timing of the event.

Our campaign resulted in:

  • Over 600 registrants for the webinar
  • Over 20 strategy sessions
  • Five new clients
  • Roughly $350,000 in profit

Additionally, being that we were able to negotiate lower advertising rates, the return on this campaign was a huge success. We saw a need in the market and chose to fill it to the best of our ability. Our success came from executing the right message at the right time and place because we listened and paid attention to what our audience needed.

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