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Outsource Your Marketing: 6 Things to Consider When Hiring Outsource Your Marketing: 6 Things to Consider When Hiring Outsource Your Marketing: 6 Things to Consider When Hiring Paradigm Marketing and Design
Hands on a table collaborating on a project in an office set up with big "Outsourcing" text in the middle.

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Outsource Your Marketing: 6 Things to Consider When Hiring

Author: Kaitlyn Wilcoxson Category: Marketing Date: May 12, 2020

Hands on a table collaborating on a project in an office set up with big "Outsourcing" text in the middle.

In today’s downturn and period of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to continue marketing your business. Outsourcing marketing services has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and for good reason! Should you outsource your marketing? There are many advantages to using an outsourced marketing agency such as the ability to ramp up or down based upon changing business needs, lower overhead than hiring a full team of employees, and no worrying about severance pay or unemployment insurance if you need to part ways. There are many benefits to hiring a marketing agency to handle your inhouse marketing needs, but what exactly should you be looking for in that company? Here are some factors you should consider when looking to outsource your marketing services.

6 Considerations for Your Outsourced Marketing Services

Area of expertise

It is important to do your research when you are thinking of outsourced marketing services. Not all marketing firms are created equal. It’s important to identify what your goals are first. Are you looking to completely update or redesign your website, or do you want to create a marketing plan for your services or products? It’s essential to understand what your needs are and research agencies that specialize in those services.


Marketing teams should be up-to-date with the most recent marketing trends and sales strategies. An outsourced marketing agency should be able to provide you with a highly skilled team of specialists in a variety of communication outlets. For example, if you are looking to outsource digital marketing services, you want to consider a marketing firm that includes  social media experts, content creators, graphic designers and web developers. When you outsource your marketing needs, you should seek out an agency that has a team of experts that can meet your specific needs all under one roof.


Does their web or design work “wow” you? Does it have the design, functionality and aesthetics you’re looking for? Are you impressed by their social media posts and graphics? If you answered no to any of these questions, you should probably keep looking! It’s important that what you are looking for in an outsourced marketing firm aligns with the style in which you are seeking. The work they have produced, whether a website, design piece or even a case study, will give you a good indication of what they can and will deliver for your business.


When it comes to marketing your business, consistent branding is key. Branding includes not only the look and feel of your company, but also the voice and message of the company. A great marketing agency understands branding as the root of its work and will ensure that your voice and look remain consistent. The right marketing agency will understand your target audience(s) and work with you to create a marketing plan that best suits your business.

Client Referrals

A referral is the highest honor a business can receive. Before choosing a firm to outsource your marketing services to, it’s important to hear what former and current clients have to say. Were they happy with the services provided? Did the agency go above and beyond to give them the highest quality of work? How were their communication skills? Request referrals from each prospective marketing agency so you can get firsthand feedback from other clients. They should be more than happy to provide you with a list of happy clients!


Does the cost for the services you are seeking fit within your budget? In today’s current climate, it is important to be mindful of your costs. The cost to outsource your marketing is typically far less than what it would cost to hire full-time employees to fill out your entire marketing department. From recruitment, to training and salary, it can be a long and expensive process to find qualified candidates to join your team. When you outsource your marketing to a marketing agency, you will be provided a well-rounded team of professionals and experts you need for a single lower cost. However, as noted above, you want to be conscious of the agency you are choosing. Although some agencies may be cheaper, they may not be the best option for your business and what you are looking to accomplish.

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Marketing?

The team at Paradigm Marketing and Design knows that now more than ever, you need to have a strong marketing strategy to get your business through the coronavirus pandemic and a possible economic recession. We have a deep understanding of today’s current marketing trends and how to create a strategic marketing plan to differentiate your company from competitors. Hiring a marketing agency in NJ, like Paradigm Marketing and Design, can help you identify and define your objectives to help you create a marketing strategy that works with your needs. If you are interested in outsourced marketing services, contact Paradigm Marketing and Design to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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