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Paradigm Creates Free Masterclass Resulting in Increased Inbound Leads for Our Client Paradigm Creates Free Masterclass Resulting in Increased Inbound Leads for Our Client Paradigm Creates Free Masterclass Resulting in Increased Inbound Leads for Our Client Paradigm Marketing and Design

Marketing Case Studies

Case Study: Paradigm Creates Free Masterclass Resulting in Increased Inbound Leads for Our Client

Author: Michael Scorcia Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: September 14, 2022


A professional services firm that helps businesses design and execute strategic plans was not seeing the desired results from their existing lead-gen marketing program. Paradigm’s thought leaders identified the barriers holding them back and devised a unique solution that radically improved campaign performance and filled their pipeline with qualified leads.


The client wanted to bring more prospects into their marketing funnel to boost sales of their software and consulting services. Their existing lead-gen approach included a paid course designed to educate and build trust in their strategy software, with a pay-per-click (PPC) Google ad campaign to drive registrations. However, the campaign saw lackluster results, with lower-than-expected course registrations and, ultimately, fewer qualified leads. The client turned to Paradigm to audit the program and identify areas of improvement to improve registration and fill their pipeline.


The Paradigm team began by assessing the client’s existing program against their overarching business goals. With a big-picture view of the situation, they immediately identified the issue: though the client’s multi-module training program effectively communicated the “how” of the software framework, little was done to communicate why a prospect would need the framework to begin with. They needed a hook to entice their audience to want to learn more about the approach before asking them to pay for and commit to a course about how it works.

Paradigm recommended offering a free 30-minute masterclass webinar designed to pique the interest of prospects. Packaged as an informational session that features five barriers to strategy success and how to overcome them, the masterclass was intended not only to boost registrations to the paid course, but also create a more robust pipeline of qualified leads. The Paradigm team designed, implemented, and managed the webinar, created a compelling registration landing page, and promoted it using email outreach, Google display ads, and LinkedIn networking groups.


The complimentary masterclass garnered immediate interest. Nearly 500 people visited the registration landing page, and 98 registered in the first 2 weeks. Of those, 69.57% watched it in its entirety and eleven rated it—all of whom assigned it five stars. The client’s CRM database of highly qualified leads grew significantly. What’s more, the follow-up email campaign to masterclass registrants saw an 47% open rate, compared to the industry average of 20.94%, and a 23.5% click-through rate, compared to the 2.69% industry average. Today, the client is enjoying a sustainable influx of leads, positioning them to meet their short-term sales goals and long-term business objectives.

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