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Case Study: Paradigm Marketing and Design

Author: Guest Blogger Category: Marketing Case Studies Date: January 31, 2018

Paradigm Marketing and Design


One of Paradigm Marketing and Design’s core values is to foster a culture of support –within the community, for one another and for our clients. Each year, we select a handful of charities to support financially, through volunteer work, and/or advocacy. During a recent initiative, we wanted to give each Paradigm team member a chance to choose a charity about which they are passionate. Each nominated charity would benefit from increased brand awareness and advocacy during our campaign and one (selected) charity would receive a financial donation and in-kind support from our agency.


Each team member suggested a different charity, so it was important that Paradigm use an impartial method to choose the winner. We also needed to develop a comprehensive program around the event, which would:

  • Maximize exposure for the nominated charities
  • Encourage audience engagement
  • Capture email addresses
  • Increase brand exposure, while expressing Paradigm Marketing and Design’s core values of charity and community-mindedness


Paradigm set up a voting page on our website where the public could decide on its favorite charity. We promoted the voting process through our team members’ individual social media profiles (in which each team member championed their chosen charity); company social media pages; paid social advertising; and email marketing. Upon voting, users could opt in to receive Paradigm’s email newsletter.


The public weighed-in and the results were astounding. The contest was open for two weeks and more than 807 people voted. Paradigm collected 700 new email addresses for its monthly newsletter. During the contest’s social media campaign, impressions increased 276% and post clicks (conversions) grew more than 3,050% over the previous weekly average. The extensive social media promotion served to provide visibility to each of the nominated charities.  The winner received a monetary donation from Paradigm, marketing support services and campaign guidance. Through this campaign, both our organization and the charities involved gained notable recognition.


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