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Refinish First

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Refinish First

Refinish First

Date: January 30, 2023

Client : Themerella

With offices in Boise, Tampa, and Meridian, ID, Refinish First is an independently owned, family-run business that offers a range of affordably priced, high quality refinishing solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. When they were looking for a new logo that would resonate with their target audience and a website that would reinforce the company’s expertise and specialization, we were honored they turned to Paradigm. We started the project with a deep dive into Refinish First’s long-term branding and marketing goals. Armed with the information from the strategy session, we produced a sleek, contemporary logo with a color palette that evokes a sense of renewal fluid movement. Then, building on the strength of the brand, we created a new website that prominently featured “before and after” photos and videos of their work as well as client testimonials. We organized the site to clearly articulate the company’s services and audiences they serve, making content easily accessible to users. We also employed a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to increase exposure to their target audiences, and incorporated conversion forms throughout the site to help drive viable leads, making the site an effective marketing tool.

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