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Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting Services for Scenic Landscaping

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Scenic Landscaping <br>Tranquility Pools, Inc. <br>Tapestry Landscape Architecture

Scenic Landscaping
Tranquility Pools, Inc.
Tapestry Landscape Architecture

Date: March 1, 2021

Client : Themerella

Based in Haskell, NJ, Scenic Landscaping is an award-winning landscape company. With over 40 years of industry experience, the company provides everything from design to landscape to hardscape, to pools and custom projects, maintenance, and enhancement services. When Scenic wanted to overhaul the websites for its sister companies (Tranquility Pools, Inc. and Tapestry Landscape Architecture), we were proud they trusted Paradigm. We built three distinct mini-sites, unified with a fresh aesthetic appeal and a more modern, clean, and bright appearance. Our work helped diminish confusion over the relationship between the three entities, made it easier to navigate among them, and reinforced the companies’ value propositions to their audiences.

Scenic Landscaping

Scenic Landscaping website loaded on mac desktop on a desk in a modern office
Person using smartphone to browse Scenic Landscaping website

Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Tranquility Pools Inc. is a New Jersey’s luxury swimming pool builder.
Paradigm is proud to support Tranquility Pools Inc. in their WordPress Web Design and Development and Digital Marketing Strategy.


Tapestry Landscape Architecture

Tapestry Landscape Architecture is a New Jersey Licensed Landscape Architecture Firm.
Paradigm is proud to support Tapestry Landscape Architecture in their WordPress Web Design and Development and Digital Marketing Strategy.

Tapestry Lanscape Architecture firm on desktop screen. Compute sitting on desk with office plants and lamp
Tapestry landscape architecture on mobile cell device being held by consumer
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