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Process Documentation Services

Process Documentation Services

If key staff suddenly left your company, what would you do? Not only to serve your clients and customers, but to support your overall operations, like submitting payroll or even setting your security alarm?

When is the last time you updated your operations manual or other critical process records? Do you even know how to find the original documents?

If your company is poised to scale, and it’s necessary to expand your departments, do you have the processes outlined to ensure you can continue to serve your customers the way they expect and deserve?

On average, 4 million people left their jobs every month in 2022. Just when we thought we were bouncing back from the upheaval of the COVID pandemic, businesses were hit with the Great Resignation, a moniker referencing recent labor shortages and the increasing number of people leaving their jobs. And what a rude awakening it has been.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of processes that keep your company going, each an integral piece of your operations puzzle. Losing even one fragment of information can impair your business, negatively impact your reputation, and cost you precious time, money, and customers. Preserving that information in the minds of your employees or antiquated manuals is a huge risk. A comprehensive, streamlined record will guarantee your business continuity, maintain the quality of your work, and protect your company.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses to standardize and document their processes, and some of the challenges we hear they are facing include:

  • Lack of or outdated business process documents
  • Critical business operation information known only to a select group of employees, creating major challenges if they are unavailable or leave the company
  • Archaic business processes that waste enormous amounts of time and money
  • The need to add staff but missing streamlined processes across staff members to properly onboard new employees
  • Limited time and resources to focus on the endeavor

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Sound familiar? We can help.

With our process documentation services, our workflow and process documentation experts embed themselves with your team but maintain their position as an outside party specifically trained to ask the right questions to identify process or information gaps.

Our process documentation services include:

Discovery: We conduct detailed interviews with the relevant members of your team. We dig into the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your existing processes.

Mapping: We create a visual display of your existing processes, outlining deficiencies, inefficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities to streamline.

Delivery: We produce comprehensive, detailed process documentation outlining your business operations and make recommendations for improved processes.

Our work can be as high-level or detailed as you need, covering a single department up to an entire company.

Don’t put it off any longer. We have seen how much the world can change overnight. Protect your business and prepare for the unpredictable with our process documentation support.

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