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Web Design Payment Plan

Your website is an important investment in your business and in your company’s future. It can also represent a considerable portion of your company’s marketing budget.

We don’t want you to forego this crucial marketing tool because of financial concerns, so we offer flexible web design payment plans.

  1. Depending on the complexity of the site, you can opt for 3 or 4 payments due at specific, predefined points in the production cycle.
  2. We also offer a more formal payment plan, with one-third of the total paid upfront and the remaining balance spread out over a 6- or 12-month time frame, with no interest fees.

We also break from the industry standard web design contracts — analogous to leasing a car with the option to buy — whereas, even if you are dissatisfied with the developer, you are locked in for the length of the maintenance contract. With us, when your website design and development is complete and your balance paid, you receive ownership of the web design files and data. There is no long-term contact keeping you beholden to us.

Most often, our customers do choose us to support their web maintenance needs after site launch without a contract holding them in place.  Our knowledge of your site’s design, how it rolls up to your current and future marketing strategy, and our superior customer service are just a few reasons our customers stay with us year after year.

Implement Now, Pay Over Time

Don’t let the price tag of website design and development stop you from launching your online presence. Talk to us; we can help structure a web design payment plan that will let you focus on generating more revenue and growing your business.

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