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Events & Webinars

The Nonprofit Council Presents: Enhancing Your Decision Making & Strategic Thinking: Maximizing ROI in Nonprofits Amidst Challenging Fiscal Times

Tuesday, June 25th - 12pm EST

Online – zoom

Did you know…? Between 2012 and 2022, individual donations to nonprofit organizations rose every year until hitting a 1.7% decline. (1) 30% of all nonprofits cease operations within 10 years. [...] LEARN MORE

The Business Growth Roundtable Presents: AI-Powered Selling: A Shift Towards Smarter Sales Processes

Tuesday, July 9th - 12pm EST

Online – zoom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic today, reshaping every facet of modern business—and sales is no exception. If you’re not incorporating AI into your sales processes, you will fall [...] LEARN MORE
Crisp Messaging for Clear Impact Six Steps to Develop a Compelling Brand Message Thumb

Six Steps to Develop a Compelling Brand Message

On Demand

You have just 7 seconds to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Are you nailing it?
Crafting a compelling brand message that resonates is no small feat. But consistent, concise, and clear brand messaging can boost your revenue by up to 33%.
Yet, many small businesses struggle to articulate their value to their target audience in a way that will resonate with them.

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Powering Your Business with AI: Tools, Strategies, and Insights

On Demand

You’ve been hearing about it everywhere, and its global market revenues, which already hover in the billions of dollars, are expected to almost triple over the next five years. It can improve the efficiency of your business by up to 40% while reducing operational costs by up to 30% (1).

... Watch Now
Webinar: Building Business with Brand Assets Featured Image

Building Business with Brand Assets

On Demand

A well-established brand ensures people are “talking” about your solution even when you are not actively marketing. It also means you value propositions or solutions are immediately recognized when a prospect identifies a problem they could use your help with (think of the Nike swoosh). In fact, 81% of consumers say they need to trust a brand before making a purchase.

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Webinar: Increase Profit with Partnership Marketing Featured Image

Increase Profit with Partnership Marketing

On Demand

Strategic partnerships are 10% more successful at generating high-growth business than paid searches.

Analysts predict that almost a third of total global sales will come from “ecosystems,” or cross-industry entities creating partnerships to find solutions, by 2025.

... Watch Now
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