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5 Great Personal Assistant Apps 5 Great Personal Assistant Apps 5 Great Personal Assistant Apps Paradigm Marketing and Design
5 Great Personal Assistant Apps 2

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5 Great Personal Assistant Apps

Author: Rachel Durkan Category: B2B, B2C, E-commerce & Retail, Healthcare & Life Science, Industry, Marketing, Membership Marketing, Nonprofit, Technology & SAAS Date: August 18, 2016

5 Great Personal Assistant Apps 2

September is right around the corner and it’s generally a time when business picks up for a lot of individuals, school is back in session, and schedules and routines are created. What happens if you find out that you have way more work than you can handle on any given day and don’t foresee spending time with your family?

There are a number of different options that you can try, including personal assistants. But, a personal assistant, whether it is someone in your office or a virtual assistant from another country, can be pricey. Fortunately, there are a number of personal assistant apps that are available for download in your app store. Here are five of the best personal assistant apps that Tech Times brought to light.

5 Best Personal Assistant Apps

1. Google Now

Yep, Google is on board with helping you out. Dubbed “the intelligent personal assistant,” Google Now organizes just about everything you can think of, so your personal assistant is there for just about all your needs. The information is organized into different cards that you can shuffle around. You can also choose which cards to show, like the weather or specific sports scores. If you want your entire life to be organized, this might be a great app for you.

2. 24me

Apparently 24me is your second brain. It auto-generates reminders so that you won’t miss any meetings, events, or bills. Oh, how sweet it is. It combines your calendar, to-do lists, and notes in one app. It can sync with other apps (like Facebook) to send messages to your friends when you forget their birthday (what?!) and shares notes with others. It is basically one of the best free apps available for productivity.

3. Quip

So, Mark Zuckerberg, or Facebook fame, uses Quip, or so we’re told. This app allows users to collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, and checklists. You can import documents and share them, update them, review others’ edits, and more! This is a fantastic work productivity app and is great for teams working together.

4. Wunderlist

This is for all you ‘list’ people. Present company included. From organizing thoughts, to-do lists, and meal planning, this can itemize anything you want it to. You can also share your list, like a grocery list, with someone else and also helps you discover things that you weren’t thinking of – like new recipes. It is a free app on both Apple and Android.

5. Speaktoit

Say what? If you’re going to hire a virtual personal assistant, you may want to be able to speak to it directly without typing or searching, right? Sometimes it’s just easier. And quicker. And very much like Apple’s Siri. But, Speaktoit is a little more sophisticated than Siri and she can handle more commands, answer questions, perform tasks and provide you with social media updates. This is definitely for those who prefer not to type up their life.

To be honest, I’d like to download all of these. But, each has it’s own benefit and I think that you’ll find one that works best for you. With the help of these personal assistant apps, I hope that you are able to organize your days and life in order to spend more time with your family!


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