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7 Tips to Design a Great Logo in 2017 7 Tips to Design a Great Logo in 2017 7 Tips to Design a Great Logo in 2017 Paradigm Marketing and Design
7 Tips to Design a Great Logo in 2017

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7 Tips to Design a Great Logo in 2017

Author: Rachel Durkan Category: B2B, B2C, Branding, Nonprofit, Retail Date: January 11, 2017

7 Tips to Design a Great Logo in 2017

Thinking about designing a new logo for your company? Or a new business? Or, maybe you just want a personal logo for your business cards. Easy, right? Well, not all logos are created equally.

If you’re looking to design something that entails more than just a shape and your name, you’ll probably want to consider some of the following tips, courtesy of

1. Create a visual double entendre

This is basically an easy way of saying you take two images and a concept and wrap it into one design. When you’re able to create a logo like this, you are coming off as clever and unique. Viewers can appreciate the thought that was put into designing the logo and are more likely to remember it.

2. Use of color

There are many logos out there that are just black, grey and white. Using color brings a whole new meaning to a design. Color can bring life to a design, can make it pop and make it memorable. A good design will also look good in grey scale, in the event that’s your only choice for print.

3. Custom type

If you’re looking for unique, you’re going to look for custom. And, nothing is more unique than a custom type font. No one can mimic your logo if you’re using a unique font, but if you are just choosing from the font menu options, you may find others like you…or, worse, a copy-cat.

4. Proportion & Symmetry

Remembering proportions and using symmetry will help you design a logo that looks well-balanced and consistent throughout the design.

5. Use negative space

Consider the FedEx logo. What is in the negative space? Do you see the arrow that moves to the right? It’s similar to a visual double entendre, but instead of two designs, it is using the negative space in the logo to create the second design.

6. Passive vs. Active

Have you considered designing a logo that shows motion in the image? A sense of motion in some logos really changes the way you look at the design. Is it still or is there a mobility to it indicating onward, upward, or other? If you have a mascot in your logo, mobility is important. It depicts a lot of what you’re trying to get across.

7. Meaning

A great logo has a story behind it. You’ve put thought, effort, and mental thought into the design and process of the logo. If you can incorporate your mission, vision or core values into your logo, you’re hitting a home run.

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