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The Benefits of Using a Website Open Source Platform The Benefits of Using a Website Open Source Platform The Benefits of Using a Website Open Source Platform Paradigm Marketing and Design
The Benefits of Using a Website Open Source Platform

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The Benefits of Using a Website Open Source Platform

Author: Rachel Durkan Category: B2B, B2C, E-commerce & Retail, Nonprofit, Web Design Date: November 3, 2017

The Benefits of Using a Website Open Source Platform

The saying, “three heads are better than one” holds true when it comes to open source platforms for web development.  Which is why our website designs are created using WordPress, an open source web development platform.  WordPress is powered by a large group of volunteers who contribute high-quality code for companies to create more powerful and well-designed websites.  Here are the five major benefits of using a website open source platform:

Easy to Use and Flexible

Open source platforms are very easy to use, and they are flexible to your organization’s website needs.  WordPress powers 28% of all websites on the internet.  Many organizations trust WordPress because you can choose a theme that best suits your taste and add any plug-ins you need for functionality.  Even though you need some coding experience or basic training when managing a WordPress website, you do not need to be an expert web developer to make modifications to the site.

Community Effort

WordPress themes and plugins are built by a large group of volunteers who have an interest in growing and maintaining the platform.  WordPress is available for anyone to study, modify and play with.  The platform allows anyone with an interest to write code, create themes, answer questions and update the documentation to provide organizations with a large community of support.

Search Engine Friendly

Today, having a high search engine ranking is essential to attracting website visitors.  Google is constantly updating their algorithm for search engine rankings, and your website needs to comply.  WordPress offers standard compliance and high-quality code that helps improve your search engine ranking without much additional effort from you.  If you would like your website to be even more SEO friendly, you can add plugins to help put you on top.  With an increase in mobile searches as well, your website needs to be responsive.  WordPress websites will collect information from devices and will properly fit content within the device’s screen and for any resolution

Safe and Secure

Regardless of your organization’s size, your website could potentially be threatened by hackers.  That is why WordPress is developed with security in mind.  With security alerts and additional plugins to properly protect your website, you will know that your site is safe on the platform.

It’s Our Expertise

WordPress is great, but it is not a standalone platform.  Themes and plugins regularly need updates to provide the best functionality and security for your website.  After any updates are completed, you need to thoroughly check your website again to make sure that your content looks perfect on all devices, and all widgets are properly functioning.  This is why when choosing Paradigm as your website maintenance partner, you get the benefits of both WordPress and the expertise of our web services team!

At Paradigm Marketing and Design, we provide a thorough check process after each update.  Some updates may take a few minutes, some take hours. Under our service, you pay one flat fee for us to run updates and fix bugs regardless of the time it takes to complete.  We also provide backups in the case of a disaster and manage security alerts or issues at no charge.  Schedule a consultation to see how Paradigm can improve your website today.

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