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Casey’s Tips for a Professional Approach to Branding & Design Casey’s Tips for a Professional Approach to Branding & Design Casey’s Tips for a Professional Approach to Branding & Design Paradigm Marketing and Design
laptop featuring different colors and the emotions they evoke

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Casey’s Tips for a Professional Approach to Branding & Design

Author: Kaitlyn Partington Category: B2B, B2C, Branding, Non-Profit, Retail, Web Design Date: June 14, 2016

laptop featuring different colors and the emotions they evoke

Paradigm Marketing & Design Creative Director, Casey Masterson, opens up about how Paradigm takes the professional approach to create compelling, effective and award-winning branding and website / graphic design. Paradigm has received multiple design awards from Graphic Design USA for our recent website and graphic designs.

  1. What is design?
    To me, I’ve always thought of design as art with a functional purpose.
  2. What is the difference between art & design?
    Good art is interpreted. Good design is understood.
  3. Understanding the problem.
    Design can be so many things. Above all else though, it is a visual method of creative problem-solving. Good design is creating something that is aesthetically pleasing. Great design fully takes into account creating a product that best fulfills its intended function.
  4. What is functional design?
    While some might think that design is merely form, it’s overall goal is to be a hybrid of function and form.
  5. Leaving lasting impressions.
    Identify your target, appeal to that audience with effective design, and create a professional impression. Those are the most important factors that separate the leaders from the rest of your market.
  6. The design process.
    Every design requires a certain amount of research. The better understanding a designer has of their client’s product/service ultimately produces a more effective design. I usually sketch out some rough sets of ideas on paper before even opening any design software. I usually consider shapes and colors that can most effectively communicate the product/service of business. The ideas that excite or intrigue me to pursue, get drafted out as an initial set of digital concepts. Almost every design layout I create evolves through a number of revisions in order to achieve the client’s goals.
  7. What about branding?
    Designing a brand is the creation of a tangible identity to an intangible entity. Not only does it provide an identity to a business, it constantly acts as the silent salesman of your company that always leaves impressions. In other words, we are identifying your target, appealing to that audience, and creating a professional impression of your company. Consistency in a brand is the key to creating a stronger and more recognizable position in your marketplace.

Logo development could be the most crucial step in the development of your company’s image & credibility: two key factors that will help your business grow and achieve success.  It is your logo that determines your branding identity, a repeated impression used to strategically reinforce the message to your target market.

When approaching the design process, the key is to always keep the goals and the target market in mind throughout the entire process.  With the help of a professional designer like Casey, you’ll be well on your way to creating a brand that leaves a long-lasting impression on your current and future customers.

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