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How to Increase Traffic to Your Site How to Increase Traffic to Your Site How to Increase Traffic to Your Site Paradigm Marketing and Design
How to Increase Traffic to Your Site 2

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Author: Guest Blogger Category: B2B, B2C, Marketing, Nonprofit, Retail, Web Design Date: September 11, 2015

How to Increase Traffic to Your Site 2

This video created by Bernadette Doyle breaks down how to drive traffic to your website in 3 ways. You can…

(1) Create the traffic
(2) Borrow the traffic
(3) Buy the traffic

There are so many theories and methods that will help you drive more traffic to your site, but not every way is right for you and your business or some just may not be right for you and your business “right now.”

The essence of Bernadette’s 3 ways to drive traffic to your website is to make this marketing process understandable and manageable for you.

Watch the video to learn how you choose to CREATE, BORROW, or BUY traffic to your site.

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