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The Impact of the Holidays on Your Professional Service The Impact of the Holidays on Your Professional Service The Impact of the Holidays on Your Professional Service Paradigm Marketing and Design
The Impact of the Holidays on Your Professional Service

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The Impact of the Holidays on Your Professional Service

Author: Rachel Durkan Category: B2B, Industry, Marketing Date: November 27, 2017

The Impact of the Holidays on Your Professional Service

As the holiday season has officially kicked off, have you considered how this time of year affects you and your organization this season?  How you manage your business during the holidays requires a slight alteration from how you make decisions during the rest of the year.  As mentioned in last week’s blog, now is the time to make another touch to your network by thanking them for their support throughout the year.  In addition to your holiday marketing, you also need to consider how your finances, productivity and stress level will be impacted during this time.

One of our suggestions for altering your strategy for the holiday season is to consider charitable giving to increase your brand’s visibility.  Although the holidays are great time for retailers, professional B2B services may experience a slow down as businesses prepare for the end of the year.

Therefore, you should use this time to increase your brand awareness and improve your company culture through charitable giving.  You can put a monetary value on the impact of your holiday gifting because it positively impacts these three things:

Your Company Culture

Community service helps bring together your employees to support a common cause.  If you allow your employees to take part in choosing which charity to support, you will learn more about what is important to them which may help you find more ways to motivate them.  Consider participating in a charity event or volunteer at a local organization with your employees to provide them with an opportunity to work together in a new way and create stronger connections with each other.

Your Brand

Giving back to a charity during the holiday season helps increase your brand’s visibility even with the overly crowded giving market.  When you choose a charity that not only is important to you, but also has a strong following, you are putting your brand in front of their employees, donors and beneficiaries.  If you post about your charitable giving on social media, make sure to tag the charities’ accounts in hopes that they will share it on their page.  With your now increased audience, your own followers, and the charity’s followers, you will improve your brand’s reputation.

Your Future Growth

Your community-minded reputation will also help with your company’s future growth.  Your increased visibility can help you recruit new employees and build relationships with potential new clients.  Employees want to work for organizations that they share similar values with.  Many employment candidates will appreciate your company’s strong culture and charitable giving.  Your holiday community service will also help you with on-boarding new clients.  If you offer a professional service, non-profits may be more likely to choose you if they know you give back.

Do good and feel good this holiday season.  Don’t let this time cause stress and don’t let your company get lost in the crowd at the end of this year.  Use this time to give back and finish your year with increased brand visibility.  Support our local community this season through our Toy Drive to benefit the families of the Jersey Battered Women’s Service, click here to donate.

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