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Marketing or Workflow Strategy Session

Keeping your marketing, automation, and sales structure fresh and impactful can be challenging when you’re doing it alone or with a small team. The truth is, if you’re too close to it, you’re likely to lose perspective and struggle to see the forest through the trees. At Paradigm Marketing and Design, we offer complimentary brainstorming support and marketing/workflow expertise to help you devise a marketing strategy that will position your business for immediate and sustainable success.

We believe that collaboration and support form the backbone of any successful endeavor. At Paradigm, you get a true partner who will take on your challenges and work with you to explore new ideas designed to elevate your brand, strengthen your market position, and ignite growth.

During a marketing or workflow strategy session, you’ll be part of a lively discussion that features a range of opinions and ideas, as well as insights into the latest marketing trends, strategic concepts, and newest workflow technologies that have worked for others. We’ll evaluate your initiatives against what’s going on in the industry and the current environment, identify untapped opportunities, and discuss concepts that will help you achieve your business goals.

Our team of strategists can help you:

  • Build workflows and process improvements that create sustainable efficiencies
  • Use your data to make profitable business decisions
  • Create and execute marketing strategies that generate significant ROI
  • Build a sales and marketing infrastructure that boosts collaboration—and revenue
  • Define your messaging and brand position
  • Leverage your website as an effective marketing tool that communicates your value, elevates your brand, and generates leads

In other words, whatever your circumstances, situation, or goals, we will advise you on how to turn a stagnant marketing program into a strategic business driver that breeds innovation and supports revenue growth.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute marketing or workflow strategy session with one of our lead strategists:

Paradigm President Rachel Durkan

Rachel Durkan

Founder and President

Vicki Harte

Vicki Harte

Director of Client Engagement and Marketing and Brand Strategist

Lorena Mosquera

Workflow Strategist

Schedule a Marketing or Workflow Strategy Session

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