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Social Media Marketing Training and Consulting

Social media savvy: Master the art of engaging your customer base…

Over the last decade or so, social media has taken over every aspect of our society – including the way we market ourselves and our businesses. Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the countless other social media platforms, a strong, consistent social media marketing presence is a key component of carrying out the overall marketing strategy for your business. We are here to help you make that happen.

Social Media Marketing Training for Business Success

Executing your own social media marketing strategy may sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as the proper steps are taken. Paradigm’s social media training sessions are tailored to each individual client. Our goals are to:

  • demonstrate how social media marketing can reinforce your marketing strategy with every action, on every platform.
  • provide personalized support, tools, and training that will drive web traffic, capture new email addresses, increase engagement with your community, and strengthen your business’s brand awareness.
  • create a thoughtful and purposeful social media marketing plan and editorial calendar. These tools will help keep you organized and efficient to attain your goals.

No one understands your business and your audience quite like you do. And, our social media strategists have deep-rooted expertise in the social media environment. Together we make a formidable social marketing team, developing customized solutions that support your business goals. We identify the different types of social media platforms that are best suited to reach your target audience and we train your internal team to understand the type of content your audience will view and engage with.

Social Media Consulting and Support

Once training is completed, you can choose to continue with consulting and support services as needed to maximize your organization’s success on social media platforms. Each of our clients is assigned a digital strategist who provides continuous training, tools, campaign ideas, and tips on an ongoing retainer basis. Our strategists have a proven record of successful social media plan development, campaign management, and strategic social media marketing execution. You will receive comprehensive strategic planning and campaign creation support through regularly scheduled strategy meetings; check-ins from your marketing team to ensure initiatives are being executed properly; and a readily available team of experts dedicated to answering your questions and providing guidance. You can cancel the engagement when you feel confident in your organization’s ability to execute the social media strategy without our support or decrease your consulting hours to best fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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