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Specializing in Complex Sales

Does your company have a consultive sale?

Does it require a conversation with a prospect before they can be converted to a client?

Do you want to shorten your sales cycle and increase the number of quality meetings you have with prospects?

Paradigm specializing in “Complex Sales”

Most marketers can create click funnels that drive site traffic that converts when it comes to low-cost products or services. Complex sales, on the other hand, require a much more strategic and relationship-driven approach that seamlessly integrates an organization’s marketing and sales strategy.

A complex sale generally involves multiple stakeholders, an extended buyer’s journey or a higher degree of perceived risk. Moving prospects to close a complex sale cannot be achieved absent a relationship between the salesperson, consultant or expert, and the client. This relationship fundamentally starts with a conversation. As marketing consultants and marketers, we play a crucial role in increasing the number of quality conversations a sales team has with prospects, and shortens the sales cycle by facilitating a successful marketing “touch” process.

Win the Complex Sale

For more than a decade, Paradigm has helped hundreds of clients win complex sales and make millions of dollars—and we can do the same for you.

It takes 9-13 touches to engage your audience and build trust in a brand, product or service. We’ll help you facilitate that touch process and establish credibility up-front, so your salesperson can engage in smoother conversations, build stronger relationships and convert faster. As part of our digital marketing strategy and consulting services we help you reach your target audience with the right message.

Whether you’re a one-person small business owner or a sales team of many, we can help you:

  • Build the strategy that connects the entire marketing and sales process—from the top of the marketing funnel to the final contract signature
  • Create systems, best practices and procedures that support your ROI goals
  • Establish an infrastructure designed to increase those goals over time

Collaboration between the marketing and sales team is the most important element in the marketing and sales process.  We take a partnership approach that empowers the sales team to increase the number of quality meetings and shorten the sales cycle to maximize their results.

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