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Website Management & Maintenance Services

Managing your WordPress Website

As with any software, WordPress requires regular updates and website maintenance to ensure the website continues to perform at an optimal level. These updates ensure that the site is running at an ideal speed, is updated to the latest features and stays safe and secure. Ignoring regular updates can open up a website to vulnerabilities. Therefore it is important to plan for website updates on a monthly basis.

WordPress updates are easy to execute. In fact, when your site has an update available, an alert will display in your administrative dashboard. Often times, the site can be updated with the push of a button. However, in some instances, newly introduced code (from the update) can interfere with your site’s existing infrastructure, causing errors to occur on the site. These errors might include:

  • Rendering issues, or when the site appears strangely in different browsers or devices
  • Functionality failure, such as a contact form not submitting or a cart checkout error
  • Certain links on the site breaking
  • Images appearing out of place
Paradigm Marketing and Design

Because your site is a primary marketing tool, we know it is unacceptable to display errors on some browsers – or worse, to have broken links or a failed contact form. That is why we have a thorough multi-point checklist that is customized to each site we maintain. It covers everything from ensuring that forms and e-commerce components are still functioning properly, to confirming the site is displaying correctly across all browsers and platforms, including mobile. We carefully review each site following an update to ensure that there are no errors; and if there are, we take the time to fix them. Our post-update checklist covers it all.

Here’s what’s included in our services:

  • Each month our team sets aside time to run regular site updates and then puts in whatever work is necessary to fix any bugs that might arise. We do this quickly and efficiently.
  • We perform a vastly thorough check process after every scheduled update, and we have skilled developers on hand to immediately address any issues that might arise.
  • Monthly updates minimize security holes against malware attacks, but in the unlikely event that you do encounter a hack or breach, we re-install your site – usually within 24 hours – and patch any vulnerabilities.
  • Because your site is built on an easy to use content management system, over time minor errors and inconsistencies are likely to arise from general use and website updates. We keep up with “general housekeeping” duties by updating any rendering or display issues that we see in the WordPress website maintenance process to keep your site looking brand new!*.

*Website management and maintenance services cover all site updates that are required as a result of monthly updates and minor rendering adjustments as needed. Major fixes or changes caused by user error are not included in the general maintenance fee but may be included at an additional hourly rate.


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