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The Importance of Attention to Detail with Website Maintenance The Importance of Attention to Detail with Website Maintenance The Importance of Attention to Detail with Website Maintenance Paradigm Marketing and Design
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The Importance of Attention to Detail with Website Maintenance

Author: Rennica Johnson Category: Marketing, Strategic Business Growth, Web Design Date: August 31, 2018

Close-Up Of Hand Holding Magnifying Glass Against Sky During Sun

I am judging you.

Ok, I’m not judging you specifically, but I am judging your website and the amount of care and attention you put into the details. Statistics compiled this year by HubSpot indicate that 90% of consumers searching for a product or service on the web haven’t made up their mind about a particular brand before starting their search. On average, they’ll visit three to four websites before making a purchasing decision. When they get to your site, will they struggle with slow site speed, broken links, or poorly written and out of date content? Or will they have the sort of high quality experience that instills trust and leads to a conversion? Paying attention to the details with website maintenance could give you a competitive advantage.

At this point, I should confess that I have spent most of my professional career editing and proof-reading copy, and in my current position at Paradigm, it is my main priority to ensure that our clients’ websites are in tiptop shape after we install plugin updates. So, it’s fair to say that I’m usually on the lookout for those small details that can make a big impact. I am an extreme example, but not a rare one. Don’t we all feel more compelled to do business with the shop owner who always greets us by name or to eat at the diner with the waitress who remembers that we like the sauce on the side? Attention to detail, no matter what business you’re in, makes for a better experience for your customers and clients. That translates to customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Now’s the part when you as a small business owner say, “I can’t get bogged down with minor details. I have to look at the big picture.” And you’re right! Getting distracted with minutia may divert your attention away from your long-term goals. However, to be successful, a company needs both – big picture strategic thinking and attention to detail.

Here are 5 simple ways to demonstrate your attention to detail with website maintenance while also keeping an eye on your big-picture marketing strategy:

1. Keep Your Content Current

Is your latest blog post is dated July 2015? Is that same Mother’s Day promotion displayed on your homepage all year round? Are the hours of operation still listed as 9am-5pm even though you know you’ve routinely closed at 4pm? If so, we have a problem. At best, having outdated content on your site affects your credibility. At worst, you may give the impression you’ve left the website to languish and gone out of business. Plus, HubSpot reports that companies that published 16 or more blog posts per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published zero to four monthly posts. So, keep that current content coming!

2. Follow the Rules of Grammar (But Speak to Your Target Audience)

Adhering to grammar rules will not only ensure that you’re able to express your marketing message with complete clarity, it gives your potential customers the impression that you’re professional, knowledgeable, careful, and educated. That is, someone with whom one would want to do business. However, you must also know when to bend the rules. Spend some time identifying the DNA of your target audience. Make sure your content is free of any egregious errors (the ones the grammar police are always quick to comment about, like the incorrect usage of “your” and “you’re”). Then make some adjustments to ensure that you’re speaking to your audience in a way that will resonate with them. After all, some rules should be broken.

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3. Practice Routine Website Maintenance

In addition to all the benefits that your potential clients may not immediately recognize—like enhanced website security, faster site speed, and improved SEO rankings—routine website maintenance will also greatly reduce occurrences of those small annoyances that send users to your competitor’s website.  With every maintenance update comes another opportunity for you to provide the best possible user experience. This includes everything from careful quality control, to ensuring forms and other conversion tools are functional, to checking for and fixing broken links, to making sure the site looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on desktop.

4. Review, Revise, Repeat

The good news is we’re not working with print; You don’t have to live with any typos that may have been overlooked. The bad news is there’s a typo in your copy right now. Don’t question me. There is at least one. Go check it. Check it again. Then have someone else check it. Read it aloud. Then read it backwards. Seem ok now? Good. Check it one more time.

5. Hire a Pro

This last one is straightforward. Hire someone else to do it for you, like (ahem) Paradigm Marketing and Design. There is strength in recognizing your weaknesses. If you’re not a detail-oriented person, stop wasting time and align yourself with someone who is. You work on your big vision and let someone else deal with the details. Otherwise, you may be jeopardizing your chances at long-term success.

For help establishing and executing a comprehensive website maintenance plan, contact Paradigm Marketing & Design today.

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