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Top Branding Trends for 2019 Top Branding Trends for 2019 Top Branding Trends for 2019 Paradigm Marketing and Design
infographic showing branding icons

Marketing Tips, Insights, and Trends

Top Branding Trends for 2019

Author: Rachel Durkan Category: Branding Date: January 18, 2019

infographic showing branding icons

It’s the start of a new year, and that means there’s lots to look forward to in the land of marketing. As we get ourselves situated in 2019 and prepare to put the finishing touches on the highly digitized 2010s, we’ve started to see some exciting new trends emerge. The branding trends for 2019 are a bit more playful than they’ve been in the past, although there seems to be an increased emphasis on emotional engagement over mere entertainment. As a result, the future of branding appears to lie in the space between creating fun visuals and building emotional ties.

Visual Branding Trends in 2019

Of course, the most recognizable aspect of any modern brand identity is its logo. Visual branding trends in 2019 are moving company logos – and their corresponding marketing materials – in two distinct directions:

  1. The use of geometrics is becoming more and more common in modern branding, and it is leading the charge toward a more futuristic feel when it comes to logos and other graphic elements. The grid lines and abstract shapes that so vividly define geometric art are not only pleasing to the eye, they also speak directly to people’s desire for organization, structure and order.
  2. Whereas the visual branding trends in 2018 (and for several years prior) leaned heavily toward the use of clean, minimalistic sans serif fonts, we are beginning to see a shift toward the use of slightly more intricate serif fonts, which lend themselves well to retro-inspired designs. The new vintage looks that accompany these fonts are a big part of the emerging branding trends in 2019 and are incredibly effective in evoking a sense of nostalgia in consumers.

Regardless of the overall look and feel, however, there’s one piece of contemporary branding that all logos are now expected to follow. Due to the move toward digital marketing and all of the various platforms and devices that consumers are viewing their favorite companies’ logos on, logos should be designed with the ability to shapeshift. Brands should have at least three logo versions (horizontal, vertical and square) so that no matter where or how they’re viewed, they are appropriately suited for the space.

Innovative Branding Strategies for 2019

As alluded to earlier, it’s no longer enough for businesses to simply entertain consumers with their marketing efforts. Branding trends in 2019 call for more innovative ideas – ones that really resonate with consumers by engaging with them emotionally and addressing their pain points.

  • We live in a time when things are constantly moving – and doing so at a frenetic pace – and most people’s stress levels are on the rise. In direct combat of that fact, playful marketing interactions are a welcomed escape for most consumers. Companies that take a lighthearted approach to their branding are likely to appeal to those individuals who would welcome a bit of play as a boost to their own mental health.
  • Legislative branding. As consumers continue to educate themselves on the social and environmental issues facing the world today, they are beginning to voice their preferences for doing business with brands that share similar values to their own. Consumers want to know that they are handing over their money to companies who care about making a difference in the world. So, for companies that have taken steps to go green, for example, expressing their eco-friendliness in their branding will resonate with consumers and give them a reason to choose them over the competition.
  • Brand influencers. There is no greater spokesperson for a brand than a true fan, and the rise of brand influencers is a true testament to that fact. Companies that are able to commission high-profile Instagrammers or bloggers to go to bat for their brands are likely to see hugely positive impacts on their reputations. These ambassadors use their digital platforms to generate mass word of mouth on behalf of their favorite brands, which helps to build an affinity toward that brand and, in the process, increase the brand’s value.

Whichever direction a company decides to go with its branding in the coming year, it’s important to remember that these branding trends for 2019 are just that: trends. By definition, these preferences are going to continue to evolve and change over time, and as a result, it remains advisable to refrain from going too far in the direction of any one trend. The key to a timeless yet modern brand identity is appreciating the emerging trends while keeping in mind the safer branding elements that have worked for both small businesses and major corporations over the course of the last several decades.

For additional help navigating the emerging branding trends of 2019, contact Paradigm Marketing and Design today to schedule a consultation.

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