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Use the Most Readable Web Fonts in Your Designs Use the Most Readable Web Fonts in Your Designs Use the Most Readable Web Fonts in Your Designs Paradigm Marketing and Design
Web design site on a laptop screen beside a cellphone and an iPad on top of office table

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Use the Most Readable Web Fonts in Your Designs

Author: Rachel Durkan Category: Web Design Date: July 8, 2021

Web design site on a laptop screen beside a cellphone and an iPad on top of office table

You likely encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of different fonts in your daily life – on everything from your phone and computer screen to the signs you see while driving. And while you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about them, you certainly would notice if they were illegible. Quite simply, font choices can make or break the ability of your audience to receive your intended message – not only in terms of what you are saying, but also how you want to say it – which makes it imperative that you choose wisely for your B2B or B2C website and include the most readable web fonts in your design.

What makes a font best for readability on the web?

There a few key factors to consider when identifying the most readable fonts for the web, including:

  • Serifs: A font is characterized as a “serif” when it includes the small strokes or embellishments that create “feet” on the letters, or “sans serif” when it does not (like the font of this article). Sans serif fonts are generally acknowledged among the most readable fonts for web design, but serif fonts can add elegance or personality to the visual elements of your site. Using a combination of the two can offer an appealing overall visual experience for your audience.
  • Size: Size can have significant impact on how readable the fonts are on your website. More ornate font selections may require a larger size, while simple sans serifs are the safest choice for copy that has to remain small.
  • Spacing: This refers to how close the individual characters are to each other in a given font, including both horizontally (kerning) and vertically (leading). Both the kerning and leading should be set so that there is a comfortable amount of breathing room between characters, but not so much that it makes it difficult to follow along from word to word or line to line.

With so many options to choose from, finding the best fonts for readability on the web can seem daunting; so, we’ve compiled a list of some of the web’s greatest hits.

The Most Readable Fonts for Web Design

  •       Roboto: A somewhat new font that has gained popularity for its modern and elegant, yet approachable, look
  •       Open Sans: Given its name for the “open” space between characters – clean, simple, and pairs nicely with more bold or ornate fonts
  •       Lato: A unique font that is a mix of sleek, serious and warm
  •       PT Sans: A contemporary font in a family of fonts offering a variety of styles; it beautifully complements PT Serif as a dynamic duo of the most readable web fonts
  •       Montserrat: Gives a fresh, urban look that adds personality without sacrificing readability
  •       Merriweather: A charming serif font that gives enough space between characters that it reads nicely on any device
  •       Georgia: A classy serif font designed for low-resolution screens and that translates well to any device
  •       Helvetica: One of the most popular fonts in the world – clear, crisp, and a classic among the most readable fonts for web design
  •       Quicksand: Known for its quirky personality, but reads well on mobile devices
  •       Verdana: Another designed specifically for computer screens and a favorite among web designers for its easy-to-read look
  •       Rooney: Another font with charisma and a warm and playful look
  •       Karla: Clean, yet lively, with evenly-spaced characters
  •       Futura: A crisp and modern appearance that transitions seamlessly from professional to casual
  •       Arial: Another classic industry standard known for its availability and legibility
  •       Tisa: Relatively new and gaining popularity among designers for its contemporary look that is readable even on small screens

Often times, the impact of a font is nothing more than an afterthought, but in reality, it is a critical building block to both your brand and the effectiveness of your communication. Our design experts at Paradigm can help ensure your WordPress web design utilizes the most readable fonts on the web that are right for you. Reach out today, and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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