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Webinar Download: Website Accessibility: What You Need to Know

Should you be concerned about your website’s accessibility?

Individuals with disabilities have over $8 Trillion in buying power.  But it is reported that 71% of web users with disabilities leave sites that are inaccessible. How much money are you losing by not catering to this audience?

Whether your motivation for a digital accessibility website is increased revenue, to avoid lawsuits (we saw a 14% increase in lawsuits last year along against websites that were not ADA compliant!) or to meet diversity and inclusion goals, more and more companies and organizations are recognizing the importance of having an accessible site. Should you be considering website accessibility?

Ensuring accessibility in web design can be an intimidating undertaking. But it can open your company or organization to over 66 million customers and ensure you avoid potential lawsuits.

Watch our webinar: “ADA Compliance – Why it Matters and How to Protect Your Business” where we discuss:

  • What digital accessibility is and why it matters
  • Steps to reduce your likelihood of an ADA lawsuit
  • The benefits of adhering to ADA standards for your organization and your disabled website users
  • Steps you can take to increase your sites accessibility

About the Presenters

Ryan Wieland – joined Accessible 360 in July of 2017 and has watched it grow into the nation’s leading live-user auditing firm. He is fueled by a passion for A360’s work and their mission and vision of making the world a more inclusive environment for all people living with a disability. Ryan takes great pride in positioning and presenting their unique service offerings to each and every client on their path to compliance and equitable access. Rachel Durkan, President, Paradigm Marketing and Design

Rachel Durkan – as the founder and president of Paradigm Marketing and Design – has spent the last 12 years helping her clients make millions of dollars and realize their goals. She has become a highly regarded figure in the marketing industry and is widely recognized for her exceptional business and marketing intelligence, as well as her passion for sharing that knowledge for the benefit of others.

Webinar Download: Website Accessibility: What You Need to Know

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